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For the monster from the Dynaman dub, see Rhinoman.

The Rhino Man (犀男 Sai Otoko) is one of three Zyumans, alongside a wolf and crocodile, who were captured by the Deathgalien. Together, the trio were forced by the Deathgalien owner Ginis to transfer their Zyuman Power to Misao Mondo, granting him the ability to transform into Zyuoh The World. Specifically, this Zyuman's power gave Misao access to Cube Rhinos.

Misao thinks that he had been killed in the experiment and thus sees a delusional version of him in his mind. This "Rhino Man" may reflect an aspect of his subconscious, specifically his logic, confidence and reason, as the Rhino is often the most rational of the three Zyumen in his delusions.


Much like how Misao's rhino form is the balance between speed and power, the Rhino Zyuman acts like the voice of reason between the other Zyuman that live within Misao's subconscious. In fact it was the Rhino's words that inspired Misao to continue his redemption as Zyuoh The World. Ep. 20: Monarch of the World

Powers and Abilities

Zyuman Power (ジューマンパワー Jūman Pawā)
The natural energy of individual Zyumans, they can bestow this energy upon other lifeforms to heal them via a King's Credential, granting the potential to unlock Zyuman powers as a side-effect in humans. However, this would come at the cost of the Zyuman's life force, thus shortening their lifespan. The process is also evidently irreversible.
As a rhino, this Zyuman possessed a super-sensitive touch which would be inherited by Misao Mondo. Ep. 22: Awakening? Is it Wrong?

Behind the scenes


The Rhino Man is voiced by Pile Volcano Ota (パイルボルケーノ太田 Pairu Borukēno Ōta) and portrayed by suit actor Shinsuke Kusano (草野 伸介 Kusano Shinsuke). The former would later move on to play as Uden in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.


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