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Rhino Evo (サイシンカ Saishinka, 2) is the rhinoceros-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Created by the Life Soup by General Kar using the genetics of a rhinoceros, Rhino Shinka assisted in two invasions lead by Prince Megiddo against the Dynaman. The Dynaman easily defeat it with long range attacks before damaging it with Super Dynamite. After using the Big Bang Process, it fights against Dyna Mach and Dyna Mobile for a short while before the formation of Dyna Robo, where the team defeat it with their Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

It has superhuman strength as well as can use mace-like "Rhino Missiles" from the right hand to attack from a distance. This missile can also turn into a sword. It can also change its size and is armed with three sharp horns on its head.


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Behind the Scenes

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