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Sai Canth (サイカンス Sai Kansu, 6) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Farah and Aquaiger


Its main ability involve burrowing underground, allowing for it to set up the special Metrium Steel Chains to bind Bio Robo; it also has a nasal horn for goring and smaller rocket propelled horns on the scalp.


Rhino Canth is sent into the mountains by Doctor Man, appearing to be "off" by Bioman's standards yet still investigated by Mika as she appears to see the Mecha-Gigan pod as similar to a UFO while already in the mountains herself. It appeared to be working with Farah and Aquaiger to release a toxic gas that would be enough to kill off the Kanto region of Japan, forcing Yellow4 to take action; however that was merely Farah's ruse as the Mecha-Gigan burrowed underground and set up special Metrium Steel Chains to be released once Bio Robo was in the right spot to stop the supposed plot. After Bio Robo uses rocks to seal the gas cave, the chains are released and Mechaclones bind down the giant robot; the team ultimately concentrate on moving the right hand of the mecha to allow for the leverage to stand up once again and crush the minions that were binding it. With the plot failed, Rhino Canth faces Bio Robo in combat, being defeated quickly with Super Maser's Straight Flash.

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