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"You weren't supposed to turn back! You tricked me!"
―After turning Piggy in slime[src]

"Hahahahaha. You're not going anywhere! "

"You're so not going anywhere! "
―Rhinix to Syd[src]

"You’ll pay for destroying my horn!!!"
―Last words before being judged[src]

"Hey, let me out!!!"
―Last words[src]

Rhinix is a rhino-like alien criminal who was hired by Emperor Gruumm to destroy the B-Squad Rangers. Rhinix bought a chemical from Piggy, that can turn people into the ooze, which Rhinix can use as an energy. Rhinix serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Dogged".


Rhinix Card.jpg

Rhinix is an intergalactic rhino-like criminal. In the fifth episode, Rhinix attacked Newtech City, where he cornered Piggy and demanded from him a formula that could turn people into ooze. When Piggy gave him the formula, Piggy demanded the payment and Rhinix used it to turn Piggy into slime, but Piggy quickly reverted back. Rhinix realized that it was a wrong formula and demanded the real formula. Piggy demanded the payment from Rhinix, who responded by giving him rotten eggs as his payment. Piggy commented that eggs were putrid and they were great. Rhinix then demanded the real formula and Piggy gave him the real formula, but asked Rhinix not to use it on him, but on someone else. When a policeman arrived to see what was happening, Rhinix utilized the formula on him and transformed the man into ooze. Rhinix was proud of his job and gathered the ooze to use it as energy, while Piggy watched in horror. Rhinix also kidnapped and turned many other people in the industrial district into slime. He then continued to do so until the B-Squad Rangers arrived, prompting him to summon Krybots. The Rangers defeated the Krybots and then battled Rhinix, who used his steel boomerangs in the battle. Rhinix successfully fought the heroes and then left. Later Sydney found some ooze and brought it to the Delta Base and Kat scanned it, detecting that this oil based energy fluid possesses the traces of human DNA and this clue will help the Power Rangers find the kidnapped people. Rhinix later arrived at the ship of Emperor Gruumm and showed him his energy fluid, which was made from humans, whom Rhinix called the most interesting forms. Rhinix was recruited by Gruumm and continued kidnapping people in the city. Later Syd gave R.I.C. the ooze to smell and R.I.C. led the rangers to the wasteland to the spot where Rhinix held the banks with people transformed into ooze. When Syd went out of Rhinix's repository, Rhinix attacked her. Syd morphed and battled the villain. Rhinix easily defeated the Pink Ranger and called her useless and suggested that she surrender. Syd was losing and the alien was about to finish her but R.I.C. arrived and helped her. Syd and R.I.C. combined their powers to defeat Rhinix and Syd even cut off the criminal's horn with her Delta Max Blaster. Rhinix was horrified of losing his horn, as he valued it and considered it beautiful. Then the other Rangers arrived and allowed R.I.C. to defeat Rhinix. R.I.C. transformed into the Canine Cannon while Syd used the Judge Scanner on Rhinix, who is found guilty. Then the criminal was defeated by the Canine Cannon and captured by Syd in the Data Card. After Rhinix was defeated, all the people he captured reverted back to normal. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dogged

In the twenty-fourth episode, Rhinix was one of the clones used by Slate. Rhinix's clone was destroyed by Jack with Battlizer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reflection


Rhinix was an arrogant, brutal, and cunning criminal, who enjoyed turning people into ooze and collecting it for an energy fuel. His arrogance was his main weakness, as he underestimated the Rangers and was defeated. He is also very protective to his horn, considering it beautiful, but he is loyal to those who pay him such as Gruumm. However he's also shown to be treacherous as well as shown when he easily at first betrayed Piggy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Horn Blasts: Rhinix can shoot powerful blasts from his horns.


  • Superhuman Strength: Rhinix possesses big physical strength, enough to battle and even overpower Syd.
  • Skilled Fighter: Plus to his strength, Rhinix is also a skilled fighter.
  • Armor: Rhinix possesses strong steel armor that lets him resist attacks.
  • Superhuman Durability: Rhinix is also highly durable, able to stand against hits of Syd and R.I.C. But he was defeated by the Canine Cannon.


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  • Steel Boomerangs: Rhinix uses steel boomerangs in battle.
  • Ooze Conversion Formula: Rhinix uses an energy fluid that can turn people into ooze.
  • Krybot Device: Rhinix uses a spherical device to summon Krybots.



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Behind the Scenes



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  • Rhinix is the first alien who battled R.I.C..
  • He is the only alien voiced by Mark Wright to be found guilty. Compared to T-Top and Katana who were both found innocent.
  • In Reflection his voice sounds much more high pitched compared to Dogged, where his voice was much more deep pitched.


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