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Character History

Reversian Blitz Hells (リバーシア星人ブリッツ・ヘルズ Ribāshia Seijin Burittsu Herusu, 21-23): The eldest brother, the most evil and powerful of the trio with the title "Outer Space Grim Reaper". Cold and ruthless, he even uses/attacks his younger siblings, not caring if they die or not. Deleted by Riding Dekaranger Robo when he attempted to escape in Heavy Industrial Machine God Pounder.

Later on, Pouchien Bolapen copied his D.N.A. and took on his form and piloted a second version of God Pounder.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

Behind the Scenes

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During the 21th episode, Blitz had been mistakenly refered as the youngest brother of The Three Hell Siblings according to Vietnamese dub. However, in the next episodes, he was corrected as the eldest of The Three Hell Siblings.

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