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"RPM, Get in Gear!"

The Rev Morpher is used by Ranger Operators Green and Black. Using the morphing Cell Chip they can transform into Power Rangers with the phrase "RPM, Get In Gear" and summon their Zord Attack Vehicles.

They were modeled on a gear shift panel. These slightly more advanced morphers were initially kept in reserve by Dr. K, awaiting suitable Operators. It should be noted that unlike the other two morphers in the series, the Rev Morphers lack a number pad meaning that Green and Black cannot initiate the Zenith Megazord, the SkyRev Megazord or the RPM Ultrazord.

Alternative to the Rev Morphers, the Super Mega Rangers used Legendary Ranger Keys provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger forms as a Legendary Ranger Mode.Power Rangers Super Megaforce


The Rev Morphers are found by Evox in Beast Morphers Season 2

The Rev Morphers are later seen when Evox enters Grid Battleforce's vault and retrieves them along with the other RPM Morphers. Source Code

Morphing Sequences

To morph, Dillon and Ziggy would insert their Engine Cells and pull up on the gear lever. These too are DNA bonded, and their morphing call is also "RPM, Get in Gear!". Like the other three, they run through a track passing through panels that form the suit, but the track itself is much more dynamic in which there is an extremely sharp turn forcing them to flip through a panel. At the end of the track, they skid to a stop where their seat belts and helmet are applied.

Power Rangers R.P.M

Power Rangers R.P.M. - Black and Green Morph

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