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Return of the Ranger is a Dino Thunder DVD special. This special is only available on the Dino Thunder DVD's Volume 4: "Collison Course" and Volume 5: "Triassic Triumph".


Tommy talks about his past as a Power Ranger, and discusses some of the highlights of his Ranger years.


At the Rising Sun Karate academy, a familiar voice is heard in the distance. It is Tommy Oliver, who has been practicing his moves for his workout routine. Tommy greets the camera and talks about how much it meant to him to be a Power Ranger. He talks about his past, and flashes back to when he first came to Angel Grove. He remembers when he first became a Power Ranger - as the Green Ranger. Tommy became a part of the Power Rangers team, which changed him forever. As he learned responsibility, respect, and cooperation, he moved on to become the White Ranger. He later learned discipline as he became infused with the ancient power of the Ninja. He also learned to have the right attitude as he became powered with the Zeo Crystal to become the Red Zeo Ranger. As well, he learned self confidence as he shifted into high gear - as the Red Turbo Ranger. Tommy talks about leaving the team to a new group of Rangers; as he went off to college to get his PhD. Since teaching always came natural to him, he became a teacher at Reefside - where he hoped it'd be peaceful. That's where he had to train a new team of Power Rangers to fight against Mesogog. Conner is a great soccer player, who has strength and speed to spare. Kira's the more creative type - smart and resourceful. Ethan's skill as a gamer made him the ideal candidate to pilot a Dinozord or a Raptor Rider. Together they're an amazing team - and they're unstoppable. Tommy used his experience as a Ranger to teach these Rangers to become an unstoppable fighting force. And they would need this training to fight a new enemy - Zeltrax. They are the Power Rangers Dino Thunder. But as every team needs a little help, Tommy returned to the power again. He took up the mantle of the Black Ranger. He harnessed the power of the Brachiosaurus to become the Black Ranger. A whole new enemy - Zeltrax was there for him to face off against. Becoming the Black Ranger was definitely the highlight of his Power Ranger years. Tommy explains the responsibility of being a Power Ranger; and what an honor it was to be a part of. He then goes back to his workout and says to remember: "Power Rangers rule."


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