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Icon-prwf.pngThis article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Wild Force.

"I am Retinax. I was leader of Master Org's guard and his personal bodyguard! Once I defeat you, I can return to his service."
―Retinax introducing himself to the Wild Force Rangers and explaning his plan to them.[src]
"He's freezing himself in order to freeze the Megazord. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten! "
―Retinax when he saw Freeze Org freeze himself to freeze the Kongazord.[src]
"RHAAL! Now all of you will face the wrath of Retinax!"
―Retinax after enlarging himself.[src]
"Wait. Who are you?"
―Retinax when he failed to recognize Master Org and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Retinax was an eye-themed General Org and bodyguard to Master Org.

Character History

Retinax is a multi-eyed (he has eyes even in his main eye and more eyes on his left shoulder) Org who was the original Master Org's personal bodyguard. Following the original Master Org's destruction, Retinax wandered the Earth in shame for a millennia, believing he had failed in his duty as a protector to his master.

He was later found by Toxica and Jindrax, who told him Master Org had returned. Seeking to redeem himself, Retinax attempted to destroy the Rangers, calling upon the Freezer Org for assistance. His plan to freeze the Kongazord through Freezer Org's suicide attack succeeded, and the Rangers were beaten into submission so that the Orgs could obtain their animal crystals. However, the timely arrival of the newly hatched Soul Bird dashed any hopes of his victory, as it unfroze the Kongazord and restored the Rangers' powers. The crystals were stolen back from the Orgs by the Rangers, and Retinax was summarily defeated by the Red Ranger. But in retaliation, he enlarged himself to bring wrath down on his opponents. This resulted in a giant battle between the now unfrozen Kongazord and Retinax, who initially overpowered the machine. However, by using the Soul Bird to power the Kongazord, the fight tipped towards the Rangers' favor, as the Kongazord proceeded to overpower the General Org. He was summarily defeated when the Wild Force Megazord was formed shortly after, using its new finisher, the Soul Bird Cannon, to finish him off.

By chance, Retinax survived the full force of the Soul Bird Cannon, but was severely weakened. He was then discovered by Dr. Viktor Adler, who had obtained Master Org's powers and disguised himself as the original Master Org. Having served as the original Master Org's personal bodyguard, Retinax knew this was not the original Master Org, and inquired Dr. Adler about his identity, only to be destroyed by him in response.

Retinax was later resurrected with the other face-themed General Orgs, Nayzor and Mandilok, to defend the pillars that protect the Nexus while he performs the Org Heart ceremony. Along with the other two General Orgs, he was defeated in the clash between the Jungle Blaster's Savage Blast and the Nexus Blade's Evil Slash, which resulted in the Rangers prevailing and destroying the three General Orgs once again.


Of the three Org Generals, Retinax was the most loyal to Master Org. Being his bodyguard, he will do what ever he can to make his master proud, and will stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers and rule the Earth. He was also capable of acknowledging the worth of his fellow Orgs even if they were ranked beneath him, as seen when he explicitly honored Freezer Org's sacrifice to neutralize the Kongazord.

Powers and Abilities

Being Master Org's second-in-command general, Retinax was one of the strongest and most powerful villains in Wild Force, being driven by undying loyalty to the Org cause and to his master. In the episode "Soul Bird Salvation", Retinax proved to be a formidable foe that it took the power of the Soul Bird to bring him down for the first time.

  • Strength: Retinax was indeed a powerful Org in terms of physical strength; in the episode "Soul Bird Salvation", he was powerful enough to overpower all five Wild Force Rangers, and initially the Kongazord without the Soul Bird.
  • Durability: Retinax was also highly durable; in the episode "Soul Bird Salvation", he took hard hitting blows from the Kongazord without suffering much of a scratch, and even the Soul Bird Cannon failed to kill him.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: In addition to his great strength, Retinax is a skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat, being able to effortlessly match the Rangers.
  • Speech: Retinax has speech capabilities despite lacking a visible mouth.
  • Laser Blast: Retinax can fire green and red colored laser blasts from his hands.
  • Size Changing: Unlike most Orgs, who require Toxica's magic beams to grow to massive size, Retinax can change his size at will by breaking apart his body into green chunks and then reforming it into a much bigger form.
  • Lightning Vision: Retinax can fire red colored lightning beams from his main eye. He can also fire a strong white colored laser with red electricity around it from his main eye powerful enough to completely ruin the Kongazord and take it out with one blast.
  • Arm Extension: Retinax can extend his arms to wrap around enemies.
  • Teleportation: Retinax can teleport from one place to another at will.
  • Lightning Laser: Retinax is able to fire a red laser with orange lightning around it from his hands.
  • Longevity: Retinax can live for millions of years, having wandered the Earth for millennia.


  • Org Eye Axe: For an aid in combat, Retinax uses an axe with eyes embedded in it.

    Retinax's Org Eye Axe

    • Deflection: Retinax's axe was powerful enough to deflect the Rangers' Jungle Sword Savage Slash attack as seen in the episode "Soul Bird Salvation".
    • Lightning Beam: Retinax can fire red colored lightning beams from his axe.
    • Nexus Blade Formation: This axe was also used in the formation of the Nexus Blade as well.

Behind the Scenes


  • Retinax is portrayed by Michael Sorich.


  • Out of the three General Orgs, Retinax's role in the series was the most reduced when compared to Shuten, who was in charge of the Orgs during the first part of the series, unlike Retinax, who only appeared in two episodes of Wild Force.
  • He is one of only three Orgs in the series shown to be able to grow to giant size on his own, without the help of Toxica's magic beans, the other two being Master Org and Zen-Aku. Although Onikage did appear to grow large without the use of magic beans in his first appearance, it was later revealed to be just an illusion.
  • Retinax is also the first General Org to be killed by Master Org himself and not by the Rangers for the first time, the 2nd being Mandilok. His Sentai counterpart was instead destroyed by Nayzor, as Master Org is an American-exclusive villain.
  • Aside from Toxica, Retinax was the only General Org to notice that the Master Org he saw is not the real one.
  • In Star Trek there is a mention of a fictional drug, the Retinax, which was used to help people with sight problems, such as short-sighting. 
  • He is eye (sight)-themed.


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