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"Fear me, humans! I shall conquer Earth with my power! (こわがれ人間共にんげんども!この地球ちきゅう俺様おれさまちから侵略しんりゃくしてやる! Kowagare ningen-domo! Kono Chikyū wo ore-sama no chikara de shinryaku shite yaru!)"
―Reset Button Jamen's first words when he arrives in the city.[src]

"My name is Reset Button Jamen! I'm able to repeat the same time over and over again! i am the Strongest Jamenshi! Even if i get defeated in battle, as long as i pressed the button I can reset time to try again as many time as i want! ( おれはリセットボタン邪面ジャメン何度なんどおな時間じかんかえこと出来できる!最強さいきょう邪面師ジャメンシだ!たたかいにやぶれてもこのボタンをせばときはリセットされ何度なんどでもリベンジ出来できる!, Ore no na wa Risetto Botan Jamen! Nando mo onaji jikan wo kurikaesu koto ga dekiru! Saikyō no Jamenshi da! Moshi tatakai ni yaburete mo kono botan wo ose ba toki wa risetto sare nando de mo ribenji dekiru!)"
―His first words after his fourth arrival.[src]

"もうめる…もう侵略しんりゃくあきらめた。かえる。 (Mō yameru… Mō shinryaku wa akirameta. Kaeru.)"
|His last words face to Kirama Yellow.|Episode 11: Time is Looping}}

"Aaaah! After all?! (ギャーッ!やっぱり~!? Gyā'! Yappari!?)"
―His final words before his death.[src]

Reset Button Jamen (リセットボタン邪面 Risetto Botan Jamen) is a Reset Button-based black body Jamenshi of Dark Empire Yodonheim whose dark energy was used to release the Hassha Button Ligany.

Character History

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Powers and abilities

  • Shockwave Kicks: Reset Button Jamen can generate purple shockwaves with his kicks, as seen when he fights Kiramei Yellow.


  • Reset Button: Reset Button Jamen has a button on the side of his head which he can use to reset time and it can be removed as well. However, anyone besides him who presses the button will also remember the events that happened before the button was pressed.
  • Protective items: He used the following items to protect himself from attacks during his battle with Tametomo, which changed after each reset:
    • Shield: He tried to block Tametomo's attack with a shield.
    • Baseball Gear: He wore a set of baseball gear to block Tametomo's attack.
    • Knight Armor and Shield: He wore a suit of knight's armor and wielded a shield to block Tametomo's attack.


  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 164 kg
  • Jamen: Reset Button

Behind the Scenes


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