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"So displeased to meet you!"
―Repellator's first words when kneeling before Rita in the palace[src]

"There's even more of me to fear!"
―Repellator when grown.[src]

"One down and one to go. Why don't you just give it up White Ranger?"
―Repellator after taking down the Thunder Megazord and his final words before his demise.[src]

Repellator was a green tick monster that served as the central antagonist of the episode "A Friend in Need".


Lord Zedd, seeing as how the Power Rangers are on Edenoi, decides to take advantage of the situation and has Finster create Repellator despite his doubts it will do any good. Repellator immediately transports to a park outside of Angel Grove where  he runs into Kimberly who has remained on Earth due to suffering from a cold. Their battle ends in a stalemate as, though he is able to scramble Kimberly's molecules upon touch and make her more ill, he also catches her cold.

A now-sick Repellator returns to the Moon Palace to meet Zedd's and Rita's wrath and beg for something to take for his cold. He is sent to Finster and though Finster advises 7 to 10 nights bed rest, Repellator urges him to just give him something to feel temporarily better. He refuses Finster's inoculation but accepts his medicine before the Repellator returns to Earth. Feeling refreshed, the medicine has enhanced him with the ability to throw his scrambling powers as Disruptors. He finds Bulk and Skull pretending to be Power Rangers to a couple of girls and goes after them before Zedd enlarges him with a Growth Bomb. However, just then he finds that the Rangers have returned from Edenoi, they confront him with Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. Both zords fight Repellator and defeat him with the Thunder Saber's energy slash.


Repellator showed a high respect for Rita and Zedd, saluting them upon their first meeting and being afraid upon his return that he had disappointed them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Repellator was able to take down the Thunder Megazord with one swing.
  • Molecule Scrambling: Repellator could scramble the molecules of anyone who touched him which could cause or worsen an illness.
  • Disruptors: After being upgraded by Finster, Repellator could fire green "disruptors" from the horns around his body.


  • Hand to Hand Combat: Repellator was able to overwhelm the Thunder Megazord in battle and match the White Tigerzord.


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  • Claws: Repellator lacked weapons but had giant clawed hands that allowed him to fight against the White Tigerzord's sword and the Thunder Saber.

Behind the Scenes



  • Repellator was based upon a mutated tick and his suit was a repaint of Silver Horns.


  • His name is a pun on "repelled" and "terminator".


  • Repellator was the final monster to be destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.
  • Back in early 2003, shortly after the series changed hands from Saban Entertainment to Disney, some of the monster costumes, including Repellator, were auctioned off by ABC Auctions. It sold for $306.01.