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"Linked Combination! Grand Liner!"
―Combination announcement[src]

Grand Liner cockpit

Grand Liner (グランドライナー Gurando Rainā) is the secondary mecha of the GoGoFive formed by combining the GoLiners. Bigger and stronger than Victory Robo (at least 1.4 times taller), Grand Liner is armed with Liner Gatling (ライナーガトリング Rainā Gatoringu) on its right shoulder and the Liner Homing (ライナーホーミング Rainā Hōmingu) on its left which can fire either explosive or freezing missiles that can extinguish an erupting volcano. Its attacks include the Grand Fire (グランドファイヤー Gurando Faiyā) where both weapons are fired simultaneously and the Grand Storm (グランドストーム Gurando Sutōmu) finisher; where the weapons are transferred from the shoulders to the fists to provide additional power. Grand Liner's weapons are the only thing capable of penetrating the armor-like skin of Golem Psyma Beasts.

The unfortunate flaw with the Grand Liner's design is that due to its large size, it lacks speed and agility, forcing GoGoFive to switch over to Victory Robo against faster and more nimble Psyma Beasts. What is even more dangerous is that its power output is so enormous that it sends harmful electric surges through the cockpit when active, inflicting pain on the pilots and forcing the GoGoFive to undergo intense physical training to overcome it. Additionally, Grand Liner requires the 99Machines to be loaded into the Goliners in order to function at full strength otherwise it only has enough energy to fight for a few minutes. During the battle against Ghost King Salamandes, Analyse Robo Mint piloted the Grand Liner.

Grand Liner was rendered useless in the finale by the Grand Witch Grandiene-possessed Zylpheeza and Salamandes Dragon, but it was eventually repaired by the events of Superhero Senki.

Appearances: GoGoFive Episodes 12-16, 20-22, 24, 38, 42, 43, 49 & 50, Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive: Sudden Shock! A New Warrior, GoGoFive VS Timeranger, Superhero Senki


GoLiners cockpit

Zord Data
Length: 250.5 m
Width: n/a m
Height: 18.8 m
Weight: 14,000 tons
Speed: 800 km/h
Mach 1
Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Rail Rescues

GoLiner (ゴーライナー Gō Rainā): A set of five giant trains which carry smaller mecha that deploys from Bay Area 55 and can also connect together into a large single train. At first, the GoLiner's sole purpose was to transport the 99Machines from base to wherever the Psyma Family was attacking but were later modified to form their own mecha with the command "Linked Fusion!" (連結合体 Renketsu Gattai). After the creation of the Mars Machines, GoLiner was upgraded to form Space GoLiner where the Max Shuttle links up with GoLiners after they're loaded with the Mars Machines in order to carry them out into space for deployment, though they otherwise remained the same. In Superhero Senki, GoLiner has somehow gained the ability to fly without having to link up with Max Shuttle.

GoLiner 1

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GoLiner 1 (ゴーライナー1 Gō Rainā Wan): Transports 99Machine Red Ladder or Red Mars 1, forms Grand Liner's right arm. It measures at 49.3 meters long and weighs at 2,700 tons. Its design is based on a steam locomotive.

GoLiner 2

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GoLiner 2 (ゴーライナー2 Gō Rainā Tsū): Transports 99Machine Blue Thrower or Blue Mars 2, forms Grand Liner's left arm. It measures at 50.7 meters long and weighs at 3,600 tons. Its design is based on an electric tram engine.

GoLiner 3

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Rail Rescue 3

GoLiner 3 (ゴーライナー3 Gō Rainā Surī): Transports 99Machine Green Hover or Green Mars 3, forms Grand Liner's head and body. It measures at 48.2 meters long and weighs at 3,400 tons. Its design is based on an armored military train.

GoLiner 4

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Rail Rescue 4

GoLiner 4 (ゴーライナー4 Gō Rainā Fō): Transports 99Machine Yellow Armor or Yellow Mars 4, forms Grand Liner's left leg. It measures at 51.8 meters long and weighs at 2,650 tons. Its design is based on a subway train.

GoLiner 5

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Rail Rescue 5

GoLiner 5 (ゴーライナー5 Gō Rainā Faibu): Transports 99Machine Pink Aider or Pink Mars 5, forms Grand Liner's right leg. It measures at 50.5 meters long and weighs at 2,650 tons. Its design is based on a bullet train. When forming Space GoLiner, GoLiner Pink also carries the Mars Cannon which attaches to its dorsal hull.


  • Grand Liner is the first train-themed mecha in Sentai.
  • Despite the fact each individual GoLiner train possesses offensive weapons, mainly cannons located in the front bumpers, they never attacked on their own, only functioning as transport for the smaller mecha and the formation of the Grand Liner.
  • Go Liner 1 is the only train to possess a cockpit in train mode, its cockpit featuring terminals for all 5 members of the GoGoFive. This same cockpit is used for the Grand Liner, despite the fact Go Liner 1 functions as its right arm rather than its torso.


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