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"It's the base for our enemies and the cornerstone of the Ten Great ZyuDenRyuu. It seems he has saved them."
―Remorseful Knight Arslevan's first words to Chaos after he asked about Bragigas.[src]

"You all were merely pawns. I am the true off-spring of Deboth-sama. A soldier born from the reign of defeat. I have been enhancing my ability to control time. The world forgetting all about the Kyoryugers was also my doing. I erased the memories of the Deboss Army at the same time. "
―Arslevan when betraying the other Deboth leaders.[src]

"I like the warped emotions of humans; I will absorb them all! I have the power to jump across one hundred years! "
―Arslevan after absorbing 1000 Faced Priest Chaos, Submission Knight Sneldo, Jealousy Knight Hoshigaron, Yanasanta Akidamonne, Vaacance and Tangosekku[src]

"I will now jump through 100 years to this place... to resurrect Deboss-sama from before he was defeated in the last battle. If I do so, history will be changed. And this planet's future will crumble!"
―Arslevan after enlarging himself.[src]

"That's right! It is the year 2014. Victory is mine!"
―Arslevan after travelling back to the past much to Dai-kun's horror.[src]

"This can't be!"
―Arslevan after being sent back to the future and forcibly shrunk back down by Gigant Kyoryujin.[src]

"I should have dropped that brat into a hole in subspace! Once again, regret!"
―Remorseful Knight Arslevan's final words before his death.[src]

Remorseful Knight Arslevan (後悔の戦騎アースレバン Kokai no Senki Āsureban) was the true main antagonist of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Returns: 100 YEARS AFTER.


Remorseful Knight Arslevan was a new knight who, despite his name, was a remorseless, ruthless, sadistic, and otherwise pure evil being, and was the new leader of the Deboth Army, emerging a century after the events of the series proper. Arslevan was created from the regret that Deboth had on being defeated by Daigo Kiryu and had learned to control time, and led the public to believe the Kyoryugers were non-existent, even erasing the new Deboth members' memories so he can put the new souls into Chaos, Dogold & Aigaron; reincarnating Chaos into 1000 Faced Priest Chaos, Dogold into Submission Knight Sneldo, and Aigaron into Jealousy Knight Hoshigaron. He also resurrected four long dead Debo Monsters; Debo Fuyudamonne, Debo Akidamonne (the only one to keep his original name), Debo Natsudamonne), and Debo Harudamonne) as apparent muscle.

Arslevan initially acted as the timid and subservient one who was absolutely obedient to his superiors and too timid to betray them. However, once they were all defeated, Arslevan revealed his true nature betrayed his "comrades" by blasting them down and absorbing them into himself to gain the power of time travel and then used his own version of Luckyuro's Restoration Water (which he called his "QuickQuickJoyuro") to grow giant. It was then that he revealed his true goal; he re-created all these monsters to massively enhance his latent time travel abilities to travel back in time to before Deboth could be killed and take him outside of time which would radically alter time. With Deboth unable to be destroyed, the Deboth Army would continue to rise continuously and eventually overcome and eradicate humanity, leaving Earth to the Deboth. He then travelled back through time but Dai-kun grabbed onto his leg and his determination to stop him like Daigo did brought back Gabutyra from his white form back to his red one and summoned the past Kyoryuger spirits. They then made it back to 2014 which made Arslevan very happy but all of the Zyudenryu showed up and blasted him down. They then formed Gigant Bragi-Oh and Plezu-Oh. The Kyoryugers then showed up and introduced themselves to Dai-kun before transforming and forming Gigant Kyoryujin. Although Arslevan beat down Plezu-Oh, Gigant Kyoryujin disarmed him with the Gigant Slasher and blasted him back with the Gigant Shot. They then assumed Gigant Formation and blasted Arslevan with the Super Zyuden All Gigant Explosion, hitting him with so much force that they ripped open another time portal and shot him back to the future.

Although this didn't kill Arslevan, he was shrunk back down to human size at which point the future Kyoryugers found thier Brave and transformed so Arslevan summoned some Zorima and Cambrima alongside Debo Fuyudamonne and Debo Natsudamonne. However, they were all quickly destroyed by both the Kentrospiker's ZyuDen Brave Finish and Kyoryu Red Carnival Western's ZyuDen Carnival Finish. Enraged, Arslevan took on Uppy but was quickly overwhelmed by the Parasa Shot and both Ami-neesan and Soujiro's Gaburicaliburs. The Kyoryugers then prepared to perform thier predecessors' ultimate attack (the Victory Maximum Brave Finish) but the spirits of the past Kyoryugers appeared, teaming up with thier descendants to unleash the Twelve ZyuDen Great Brave Finish which slammed into Arslevan. Mortally wounded. Remorseful Knight Arslevan could only lament about not killing Dai-kun since his self-discovery led the future Kyoryugers to discover thier true powers right before he was subsequently blown apart.

Powers and Abilities

  • Regret Empowerment-As the Remorseful Knight of the Deboth Army, Arslevan could siphon and empower himself with human regret. The color of regret energy is green.
  • Memory Suppression-Through some unknown method, Remorseful Knight Arslevan was able to make everyone in the world forget about the exploits of the past Kyoryugers.


  • Arslevan Cutter-Remorseful Knight Arslevan was armed with a large silver sword for use in combat.
  • Hook Hand-Remorseful Knight Arslevan had a hook instead of his left hand that he could use to hack and slash his enemies.
    • Time Travel-After absorbing the revived Deboth Army, Remorseful Knight Arslevan was able to travel back 100 years into the past. He did this by charging purple energy into his hook hand before slashing the air, opening a massive time hole in the sky which he could jump into to travel back in time.


Concept art

  • Height: 203 cm(50.7 m: giant)
  • Weight: 173 kg(432.5 t: giant)
  • Arslevan is the only new knight to not bear any resemblance to any of the generals from Kyoryuger.
  • Remorseful Knight Arslevan is the only member of the Deboth Army to survive any of Gigant Kyoryujin's finishers.
    • Even though Mad Torin was able to escape his initial fight with it, he was mortally wounded and died from injuries sustained from the All Out Gigant Explosion shortly thereafter.
      • Coincidentally, Arslevan survived the same attack that killed Mad Torin.
  • He is also the only knight whose personality is the exact opposite of his given name.
    • This was almost certainly done to try and deceive his creations.


  • Elements from this costume would be reused in Jinarik.


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