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"I should have dropped that brat into a hole in subspace! Once again, regret!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Remorseful Knight Arslevan (後悔の戦騎アースレバン Kokai no Senki Āsureban) is a new knight who, despite his name, was a remorseless, ruthless, sadistic, and otherwise pure evil being, and was part of the Deboth Army in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Returns: 100 YEARS AFTER. He was created from the regret that Transcendenterfly God Deboss had on being defeated by Daigo Kiryu and had learned to control time, and led the public to believe the Kyoryugers were non-existent, even erasing the new Deboth members' memories so he can put the new souls into Chaos, Dogold & Aigaron; reincarnating Chaos into 1000 Faced Priest Chaos, Dogold into Submission Knight Sneldo, and Aigaron into Jealousy Knight Hoshigaron.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Regret Empowerment
As the Remorseful Knight of the Deboth Army, he can siphon and empower himself with human regret. The color of regret energy is green.
Memory Suppression
Through some unknown method, he was able to make everyone in the world forget about the exploits of the past Kyoryugers.
Time Travel
After absorbing the revived Deboth Army, he was able to travel back 100 years into the past.


He is armed with the Arslevan Cutter sword.


  • Height: 203 cm(50.7 m: giant)

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  • Weight: 173 kg(432.5 t: giant)
  • He is the only new knight to not bear any resemblance to any of the generals from the Kyoryuger show.
  • He is also the only knight whose personality is the exact opposite of his given name.


  • Elements from this costume would be reused in Jinarik.


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