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Rekolar is Vader Monster "24" of the Vader Clan.

Character History

Rekolar is sent out by the Vader Clan due to the rising popularity of the new pop single "Ginga Honey", which happened to be created from a tune written by Princess Denzi found on a 3,000 year old record left on Earth by the Denzi ruler leading to Queen Hedrian gaining an earache from merely hearing the pop interpretation. Through multiple methods, from ruining the sound of the singer Gou Koyuki who wrote "Ginga Honey" to using its powers to ruin records and cassettes playing the song, The Denziman confront and defeat Rekolar, defeating it with their DenziStick Boomerang, then with DaiDenzin.


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His main ability involves the manipulation of records and sound such as using records as attacks, while likewise altering and manipulating the sound that emerges from records, from destroying the sound to destroying the records that come from or hiding in a record to destroy it from the inside like bombs, and turning into a record. His staff is in the shape of a note that can emit heat waves and is armed with a micro cannon in the tip. He can also use telekinesis, spawn psychic explosions, and change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Reko" - "Record"


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