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Reiko Tanba

Reiko Tanba (丹波 麗子 Tanba Reiko) is a wealthy fashion designer who is Souji's mother. She and Genryu separated while Souji was still a child, and Souji stayed with his father. She returns to take Souji under her wing to be a fashion model and travel the world, denying his wishes to stay with his friends to serve as a Kyoryuger. Torin in disguise, manages to get the two together to allow Reiko to realize that she should not force her wishes on her son, and allows him to continue protecting the world as a Kyoryuger.


Behind the scenes


Reiko Tanba is portrayed by Sayoko Hagiwara, who previously portrayed Rei Tachibana/DynaPink in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman and Ley Nefel in Choushinsei Flashman.


  • Though a completely different character, Reiko has many attributes that hint at her actress' former role as Rei Tachibana
    • Her name is similar in certain aspects to DynaPink (Rei Tachibana/Reiko Tanba)
    • The roses used as part of Reiko's logo are similar to DynaPink's Rose Saber and Flower Shield
    • Her husband's actor, Jun'ichi Haruta, also potrayed a fellow Dynaman, Dyna Black.


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