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Reika Saotome or "Pink Buster" (ピンクバスター, Pinku Basutā) as she calls herself, is a cat burglar. She steals Messiah Card 10 from an arts collector when Hiromu, Ryuji and Yoko try to obtain it from him. She evades the three of them and runs into Buglars. They attack while Ryuji and Yoko deal with the foot soldiers while Hiromu continues to go after the thief. Hiromu loses sight of her and he sees another girl walking down the street. It is Reika out of her Pink Buster disguise as she gets in the back of her car. As she inspects the card with her magnifying glass, the card infects the magnifying glass and becomes Loupeloid.

When Hiromu catches up to her again and tries to take the Messiah Card from her, he strips off her sunglasses revealing her face and realizes that was her earlier out of disguise. Reika takes Hiromu's Morphin Brace and asks him about a job to steal. Ryuji begins to decline and she asks him to play the part as she tries to lure out Loupeloid who has been infecting people by absorbing their greed. She says she will stop stealing once the Metaloid has been defeated and shows him a fake copy of the Messiah Card. She tells Hiromu about the card infecting her magnifying glass and then rips the fake card into pieces.

Loupeloid and Buglars appears before them. Reika returns the Morphin Brace to Hiromu so he can transform into Red Buster. Reika herself dons her Pink Buster disguise and helps Hiromu fight off the soldiers. She leaves after Hiromu destroys Loupeloid with the Raioh Blaster. LoupeZord is then destroyed by Beet Buster and Stag Buster in Buster Hercules.

As the team returns to the Energy Management Center, Hiromu gets a letter from Reika saying she won't quit stealing, but this time, she's out to steal Hiromu's heart.

Pink Buster

Unlike AbarePink before her, who wore a homemade Abaranger costume, as Pink Buster, Reika wore an outfit similar to the uniforms of the main three Go-Busters, with fingerless pink gloves. To hide her identity, she donned sunglasses like the Go-Busters, along with a pink wig.

Behind the Scenes


Reika Saotome is played by Yua Shinkawa who also played Hitomi Kai from Shougeki Gouraigan


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