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Eiji Nagase (長瀬 英司 Nagase Eiji), also known by his moniker of Reiji (レージー Rēiji), is a thief rival of Daimon Tatsumi who assists two Super Sentai squads, Daimon's team GoGoFive, as well as the Timeranger.

Character History

As a thief, Reiji has been a recurring rival of Daimon from back when he was still a police officer. When Pierre comes to Earth to protect the egg of Demos, the strongest known Psyma Beast, Reiji ends up with the egg and decides to use it as collateral when both the Psyma and GoGoFive pursue him to get it back. Forcing both sides to meet him in order to pay a ransom to get it back, he ultimately comes around in fooling the Psyma, throwing the egg to Pierre's assisting Psyma Beast Garaga as the team destroys both with the Calamity Breaker.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Reiji is the first character to appear in two actual Super Sentai series (as opposed to merely cross-over specials) since Queen Hedrian, who appeared in both Denziman and Sun Vulcan. Both episodes in which he appeared were written by Yasuko Kobayashi.


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