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Rei Mamiya (間宮 レイ Mamiya Rei): A popular singer known to her fans as "Reirei". Tsubasa met her when jogging one day, mesmerized by her singing. In truth, she was killed by Neries the week before Tsubasa met her. Neries' throat was injured by Blagel fifteen years ago and so her singing voice, one of her main sources for her attacks, was disabled and thus she captured Rei's soul. Rei was forced to lure humans with her beautiful voice to Neries, who would take their lives to heal her throat. Rei soon befriended Tsubasa, who was the only one who understood her. When the Magirangers found out who Rei was, Hikaru resorted to freeing her soul from the Siren, but Tsubasa didn't want to part with her. Rei was then kidnapped and absorbed by Neries for refusing to sing for her. Rei's soul created a remedy into healing Neries' throat, but Tsubasa managed to free her. Even though Tsubasa and Rei loved each other, Rei told Tsubasa that they couldn't be together because she was already dead and Tsubasa still had a future. She disappated into the heavens, thankful that Tsubasa was the last person who heard her song, her true song.

Behind the scenes


Rei Mamiya was portrayed by Mana Okada (岡田茉奈 Okada Mana).


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