Icon-abarangerThis article is about a city in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Reefside, California is the home of the Dino Thunder Rangers.


It is big enough to have a warehouse district and skyscrapers like Angel Grove, but small enough that the woods outside the city don't take long to drive to. Apart from the woods, there are also lakes, abandoned quarries, at least one river, and a large park in the city similar to Angel Grove Park. It is also near the coast, with a sandy beach and large docks.

Known buildings include Reefside High School, Hayley's Cyberspace, Reefside Hospital, the Channel Three television studios, a museum, a theater, a cinema, a motocross track, a restaurant called "Little Tokyo" which the DimetroZord attacks, and a mall. There are also docks used for shipping by large industries. Tommy Oliver is shown to have a house located in the forests outside the city.

Reefside has its own news channel produced by Channel Three. Anton Mercer Industries is based there as well as Tones Records.

In the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel special, Dimensions in Danger, Tommy still resides in his forest house. However he goes missing, which alerted the Time Force, forcing them to recruit Rangers from other dimensions and the currently active team to rescue him.

In the Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode, Grid Connection, when the Dino Rangers are ready to return home, Conner says that "Reefside awaits", with both Ethan and Kira nodding, implying that all three of them still live in Reefside.

In the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury episode, Switching Sides, Billy Cranston mentions that Reefside was invaded by Lord Zedd's evil forces and rescue attempts were happening.

Power Rangers 2017 Movie[]

Reefside is a location within Angel Grove alongside Mariner Bay. Sam Scott was at "Mariner Bay and Reefside" when he called his son Jason.


  • The city's name, Reefside, could have been inspired by the real Riverside, California.