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"Nothing compares to the thrill of crushing your enemies!"
―Redker after the the Armada successfully destroyed all of the Power Rangers' Megazords
"Noooooo! Emperor, forgive me!"
―Redker's final words before his death.

Redker was a stonefish-themed royal guard in the Armada serving directly under Emperor Mavro as his personal second-in-command and right-hand. His and Yellzor's relationship with Emperor Mavro was similar to that of Creepox and Vrak under Admiral Malkor.

Character History

Redker arrives alongside two Kingsmen, Yellzor and Emperor Mavro at the Armada Mothership after Vrak's death. They take Damaras into custody, but he is later given a chance of redemption. When Damaras failed and was destroyed, Redker became Mavro's second-in-command of the invasion. Emperor Mavro (episode)

After Emperor Mavro called in as many Armada Ships as possible, Levira congratulated Emperor Mavro for doing so, much to Redker's displeasure. Redker said that Levira had no right to even address Emperor Mavro as she was one of the three who failed to protect Prince Vekar. The Wrath

When the Armada reinforcements arrived, Redker decided to battle the Super Mega Rangers himself, only to be destroyed by the Super Mega Cannon while distracted by the destruction of the fleet. Legendary Battle


Redker can use a large mallet as a weapon during battle as well as protrude dual razors from his arms in order to slash and cut his opponents apart.


  • Redker shares many similarities with Creepox:
    • Both have a red color scheme. Both also share similar grotesque facial features, as they both have exposed fangs in their mouths and have large, glaring eyes.
    • Both possess aggressive, arrogant, and cocky personalities.
    • Both use twin blades that are connected to their wrists as their main weapons.
    • Both are high-ranking members of their respective organizations, which gives both of them a superiority complex.
    • Both show immense disrespect towards their comrades. Creepox belittles Vrak for his constantly failing schemes, while Redker constantly belittles Levira and Damaras for not preventing Prince Vekar's death.
  • Coincidentally, Creepox was the first major villain to be killed in the entire Megaforce arc, while Redker was last to be killed save Mavro.


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