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"Suffering Circuits"
―Redbot whenever something goes wrong.[src]
Redbot full shot

Redbot is the robot friend of Brody, the Red Ninja Steel Ranger. He is the inspiration for the Robo Red Zord.

Character History


Redbot is a good friend to Brody. He always reassures him when he is in doubt and is always prepared to help him when he is in trouble. He also is very close to the rest of the Rangers and to Mick as well. He's a big supporter of his Ranger friends, even writing fanfiction about them at one point.

Powers and Abilities


  • Jet Boots: Redbot can use his Jet Boots to fly.

Behind the Scenes



  • His habit of saying "suffering circuits" when distressed is similar to Alpha 5 and his habit of saying "ai-yi-yi-yi-yi" whenever he is distressed.
  • It was originally believed that he became the Robo Red Zord. This was later proven false, as Brody actually named the Robo Red Zord after Redbot himself.
  • Redbot is the first Power Rangers Assist Robot whose suit is made from the suit of a Sentai Mecha; he is Shinobimaru with a different head.


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