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Red With Envy is the twenty-first episode of Power Rangers In Space.


Now that he's defrosted, Zhane quickly warms up to his new teammates. However, Andros is infuriated when he suspects that Zhane is trying to put the moves on Ashley. This leads Andros to order that Zhane stay on the Megaship while he and the other Power Rangers go down and battle the returning Darkonda and his latest monsters known as the Crocotoxes. But, it turns out that the Rangers really need Zhane, who goes down and helps his friends out, while secretly discovering that he's having trouble remaining morphed. He asks Alpha 6, who is sitting in his makeshift bedroom, for his help.


On an unknown planet, a suddenly alive Darkonda faces off against Ecliptor after the latter refuses to work with him. Afterwards, Darkonda takes his leave, claiming that he will take over the world without Ecliptor’s help. In his lair, Darkonda sends two Crocotoxes out to Earth to spread their toxins all over Earth, with a red one going to Earth.

Onboard the Astro Megaship, Andros is about to ask Ashley out to see a lunar eclipse together, only to see Zhane training her in telekinesis in the engine room, making him envious. D.E.C.A. alerts the Rangers about the Red Crocotox attacking the beach as civilians are infected by the toxins. The six Rangers morph and confront the Red Crocotox, managing to trade fists with the monster. However, Zhane manages to get the upper hand against the Red Crocotox and summons his Super Silverizer to finish the job. However, before Zhane could fire, he suddenly demophs, much to his confusion. The rest of the Rangers destroy the Red Crocotox with their Astro Blasters, and his destruction causes the civilians to be cured of the toxins. Reuniting with Zhane, Carlos chastises him for demorphing in public as he could have been spotted, while Ashley’s praise on Zhane’s skills causes Andros to grow even more jealous. Suddenly, Darkonda makes his presence known, taunting them that he more than a thousand Crocotoxes that they will face off against.

Back onboard the Astro Megaship, Andros tries to ask Ashley out again, but stumbles on the wording, and is interrupted by Zhane who invites her to help scan for the Crocotoxes. However, this only causes Andros to grow more frustrated by Zhane and leaves without asking Ashley his question. Zhane manages to find the Crocotoxes and goes to tell Andros about it while checking on him. Andros shows rudeness towards Zhane regarding Ashley, but the latter argues that he was only trying to befriend her and would never step over him. However, Andros does not believe Zhane, even questioning their friendship. When they return to the bridge, Cassie and T.J. tell Andros that they located Darkonda’s lab at Feccada Five. The Rangers head out to investigate, but Andros orders Zhane to stay on the Megaship, claiming they can handle it without him.

The five Rangers arrive at Darkonda’s lab, only to get caught in the Blue Crocotox’s net. Darkonda taunts the Rangers for falling into his trap, revealing that once his Crocotoxes mature, he will rule the universe before having his two Crocotoxes attack them. Meanwhile, Zhane reflects on his friendship with Andros, recalling how they promised to fight as a team no matter what, along with him taking the blast on K0-35 that caused him to be frozen for two years. Zhane decides to go after them and lands on a nearby beach. However, Ecliptor confronts Zhane, who hesitates on morphing after what happened earlier. But when the battle gets too tough for Zhane, he decides to morph, managing to handle himself better than before. When Ecliptor pins him down, Zhane summons the Silver Cycle to ram into the former and knock him into the water. Seeing that he is still morphed, Zhane rides on the Silver Cycle, transforming it into its Cycle mode to bypass the net. Zhane finds Darkonda’s lab and destroys it with the Silver Cycle’s weapons. In the meantime, Andros frees himself and the Rangers by activating the Battlizer’s Number 2 setting, causing laser blasts to free themselves from the net. The now free Rangers attack the Blue Crocotox as Andros lands a Power Punch against him.

The attack causes the Blue Crocotox to grow giant size, but they summon the Astro Delta Megazord for assistance. The Astro Delta Megazord walks through the Blue Crocotox’s attacks before destroying him with a Flying Power Punch. Meanwhile, Zhane fights against the Red Crocotox and destroys him with the Super Silverizer. However, the last attack causes Zhane to demorph again, much to his frustration.

On the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor tells Astromena about Zhane, shocking her as she thought he was destroyed in the attack of K0-35. She even gets more annoyed when Elgar points out how Darkonda is still alive, having the Quartrons send him off to play with Sruddly. Seeing that things are getting murky, Astromena wonders if they should bring Darkonda back to their ranks, but Ecliptor is against it.

On the Megaship, Andros apologizes to Zhane for overreacting, and the latter accepts it, mentioning that Ashley kept asking him questions about the former. When Zhane leaves, Ashley comes in and Andros asks her about looking at Halley’s Comet, which she accepts. Meanwhile, Zhane approaches Alpha 6 and asks him to check on his morphing powers.




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  • Darkonda returns in this episode, revealing that he has several lives.
  • The original draft title for this episode was "Red with Jealousy".
  • Like Andros, Zhane also shows the power of telekinesis.
  • Justin Nimmo aka Zhane is added to the opening credits.
  • Only time Andros uses the Battlizer Laser Blast.
  • The title of the episode is a pun on the phrase, "Green with Envy".
  • Zhane's morphing sequence debuts in this episode.

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