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Red Shadow Guard II is the second of two Red Shadow Guards, brought to life by Grizzaka. Along with Red Shadow Guard I, he serves as one of two main antagonists of the episode "No "I" in Leader".


After taking over Dai Shi's Palace, Grizzaka used his Zocato Power to revive two Red Shadow Guards. Just like the two previous Shadow Guards, they used the battle styles of the Rhino Beetle and the Stag Beetle (this guard using the latter). Grizzaka ordered them to attack Ocean Bluff and destroy the Power Rangers. They fought the four Rangers, with this Guard taking on RJ and Lily, and were winning, but then they were forced to retreat when RJ hit them with a devastating Wolf Beam. Then they returned and fought the Rangers for the second time. At first they fought Theo and Lily, and were winning, but then Casey and RJ arrived. When the Guards were about to finish the rangers, Casey deflected the blast with a satellite dish. Rangers morphed into Jungle Master Mode and defeated Red Guards with the Wolf Beam and Claw Cannon. Grizzaka used the power of Zocato and enlarged them. In the giant battle, they fought the Jungle Master Megazord and RJ's Wolf Zord and the Rangers were losing until RJ summoned the Tiger and Jaguar Zords and formed his Wolf Pride Megazord for his first time. With the Rangers combined might. they combined their powers to overpower the monster's with kicks from the Wolf Pride Megazord taking one down and the Jungle Master Megazord wrestling this Guard away. They then combined their strength to destroy both Red Shadow Guards. This particular guard was killed by the Jungle Master Megazord's Jungle Master Fury Fists which turned him to stone and he was obliterated.No "I" in Leader

In the final battle, both Red Shadow Guards were resurrected by Dai Shi, but were again destroyed by Master Rilla. Now the Final Fury


Just like their predecessors, Red Shadow Guards are dark and evil warriors that talk unlike there predecessors. But they are both loyal to Grizzaka.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: This Shadow Guard was strong enough to knock Lily right out of a jump kick  and, whilst giant and with help from his partner, was strong enough to deflect the Wolf Zord's Spin Fury attack with just his staff.
  • Durability: This Shadow Guard took a massive enerised kick to the shoulder, which had enough force to send him flying back, but was completely unfazed. When the Rangers attempted their first team attack, they took a massive hit from RJ's Wolf Beam but were barely fazed and, when Casey reflected their blasts right back with a satellite dish, managed to survive that too with either minimal or non-existent damage.
  • Headbutt: This Shadow Guard was able to headbutt Theo with enough force to send him flying an incredible distance and demorph him. This means that this is probably his most powerful attack.
  • Agility: This Shadow Guard was able to dodge multiple punches and kicks from RJ with incredible ease. He also demonstrated amazing balance when he landed after that energized kick sent him flying.
  • Skilled Fighter: This Shadow Guard was able to fight and take down Casey, Lily, and Theo with little effort.
  • Energy Balls: This Shadow Guard can fire a massive red energy ball from his face although it did no damage to Theo and Casey since they morphed into Jungle Master Mode and the explosion missed them entirely since they jumped before it hit.


  • Staffs: Both Shadow Guards wield massive red staffs with massive, razor sharp emblems on the ends, perfect for jabbing and stabbing their enemies as well as pinning them against walls or objects. This staff was able to take a full force energy punch from RJ but was completely undamaged. Unlike his partner's staff, which was smashed by the Wolf Pride Megazord, this Guard's staff was simply destroyed with him.
    • Energy Blasts: This Shadow Guard can fire massive bursts of red energy from his staff which RJ had to jump backwards to avoid. In the second battle however, it sent Theo flying through the air. Combined with his partner's attack, this may have finished off Theo and Lilly altogether had Casey not intervened.
    • Energy Slash: As seen when he tried to kill Theo after that devastating blast, he can charge up the tip of his staff with red energy which granted it enough force to cut through a solid steel girder and bring it down.


  • ​​​​This Shadow Guard and his partner are among the most powerful monster in Jungle Fury, overwhelming all four (then current) Rangers, taking them down with devastating attacks, taking RJ's signature finishing move without a scratch, requiring the combination of two finishing moves and incredible teamwork to defeat, defeating both a Megazord and a very powerful Zord with ease, and taking the power of two Megazords to destroy.
    • This power level appears to have lessened by the finale, only needing one Pai Zhua master to defeat him.
      • However, it is unclear whether this was because of a drop in power (caused by the resurrection) or the Master either being more powerful or more experienced than them or simply because he posed the gorilla spirit while they had the spirits of beetles and gorillas eat insects including beetles and are also capable of crushing or squishing beetles with their better hands.
  • He is one of the only Shadow Guards who can talk.

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