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A red and black Stag Beetle-type Red Shadow Guard brought to life by Grizzaka. Grizzaka sent them to attack the city after awakening the pair from a cavern underneath Dai Shi's temple. After a scuffle, the Shadow Guards retreated. They attacked the second time and fought Theo overwhelming him. When both were about to finish them off, Casey arrived and used a satellite dish to deflect the blast. After that, Lily and Theo fought him in their Jungle Master mode. With a combo of the Wolf Beam and the Claw Cannon, the Shadow Guards were defeated. Grizzaka used the power of Zocato to make them grow, but the Rangers were able to defeat them with the combined power of the Jungle Master Megazord and Wolf Pride Megazord. Him and his partner were revived in Now the Final Fury, but were destroyed by Master Rilla.

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