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"Red Battlezord, now!"
―Summoning command.[src]

The Red Battlezord was designed by Billy specifically for Tommy, the Red Zeo Ranger to be his personal Megazord.


The Red Battlezord used a psychic uplink inspired by the Aquitarian symbiosis interface, meaning it was completely controlled by Tommy's mind. Its major drawback, however, was that when Tommy's mind was not fully on the battle, or was otherwise muddled with stress, the Zord could behave erratically.

At first, Tommy tried to use his mind to assert control over the Zord, but this backfired until a vision of Sam Trueheart appeared and told Tommy to relax and see the Red Battlezord as an extension of himself, as opposed to a vehicle which he drove.

The Red Battlezord is a standalone humanoid Zord with a star-shaped cockpit. It has massive pistons for repetitive punching attacks.

The Zord has two primary finishing attacks. The first, and most commonly used, involves charging up the pistons on its wrists and firing a barrage of golden energy forth powerful enough to destroy Main Drain. The second, but less used, finisher was where the Zord jumps into the air and then spun around, charging itself up with red energy in the process before ramming through the enemy hard enough to make them explode into sparkles. This was only used to destroy Punch-A-Bunch and Wrecking Ball.

The Red Battlezord was once reprogrammed to be piloted by Adam when Tommy was forced to constantly sing while under a spell, rendering his mind unable to focus to pilot the Zord, but Adam's control of the Zord was comparatively limited.

The Red Battlezord was never destroyed, so it likely remains dormant in its hanger.

209 years later in 2205, following the destruction of the Command Center/Power Chamber, the hangar where it was stored fell apart (as no one was left to maintain it). The Red Battlezord was found buried in the desert by Ninjor and Blue Senturion.

Appearances: Zeo Episodes 18-21, 24-28, 30, 31, 39, 46-49

Zeo Mega Battlezord

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The combination of the Zeo Megazord and the Red Battlezord. The Red Battlezord and Zeo Megazord stand back to back, with the Battlezord growing in height. Its arms become shoulder cannons for the Megazord, and its head becomes an alternate helmet. Its shoulder cannons were used as a finisher, firing powerful energy bursts. It was first used against Mace Face.

Although considerably powerful at long range, the Zeo Mega Battlezord loses most of its mobility as a result of its combination, and as a result does not appear capable of close-range combat. Additionally, Tommy's mental link to the Red Battlezord necessitated his mind be calm in order to initiate the combination sequence, otherwise any attempt to form the Zeo Mega Battlezord would fail.

Appearances: Zeo Episodes 21, 24, 26, 47





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