This article is about a/an villain ship in Choushinsei Flashman.

Reconstructive Experiment Base Laboh (改造実験基地ラボー Kaizō Jikken Kichi Rabō) is a massive, flying saucer-like craft used by the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess, notable for its huge eye-like protrusion which can beam objects into the craft (such as animals and aliens for genetic specemins) as well as outside (including the power of Great Doctor Lie Köpflen's Gene Synthesizer). The ship has the ability to fly both throughout space and the invaded planet. The interior is dark but regal, with a central control room where Mess typically meets with Great Emperor Lah Deus and where Köpflen's Gene Synthesizer is located and he creates all of his Beast Warrior creations.

Due to the anger caused by Köpflen to former Alien Hunter ally Sir Kauler, the Mess ally rams his own ship right into Laboh disabling its motion and preventing it from leaving Earth.Ep. 49: Counterattack, Lah Deus After Köpflen takes over Mess by seizing it from Lah Deus, the Flashman invade the ship with mere hours before their Anti-Flash Phenomenon becomes fatal. After Köpflen makes a final offer to spare him and allow for their bodies to be manipulated to survive from their disorder, Sara instead shoots at the Gene Synthesizer, starting a chain reaction which destroys Laboh.Final Ep.: Farewell! Our Home Planet

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