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Reaper Bōma (シニガミボーマ Shinigami Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Wandering Boma Kirika .

Character History

Kirika summons Reaper Boma to help her find get back a gem stolen from her by a female thief in order to use it to find the Majin Sword, an extremely powerful sword which can cut through anything. Using its revival of dead Boma Beasts, the Turboranger have a hard time with it, made more so when Riki realizes how to stop the dead Boma Beasts but can't do anything about it due to their weapons not being strong enough. Ultimately after a female thief partnered with Daichi pulling the sword and using it on Yamimaru, Black Turbo uses the Majin Sword to slice off the Boma-revivng horns and to kill Reaper Boma. After Kirika revives him, the Turboranger finish it off with Super Turbo Robo's Super Miracle Beam.


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It uses a scythe and beam attacks to fight; however its greatest ability is to use its two powerful horns on its back to summon back dead Boma Beasts to fight alongside it.

Behind the Scenes


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