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"Stand down, Zedd!"
―Reaghoul's first lines when commanding Zedd not to attack Void Knight.[src]

"It is true. I command Zedd, for I am the sorcerer, Reaghoul. My magic can bring back beings from any world, any time!"
―Reaghoul introducing himself to Void Knight's team.[src]

"I'll never surrender!"
―Reaghoul as he got hit by the Shadow Blast while fighting the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord and his final words before his death.[src]

Reaghoul was a necromancer who could use his magic to revive fallen villains and an "ally" to the Sporix Army. He was one of the two main antagonists of the episode "Old Foes", the minor antagonist of the episode "Waking Nightmares", and one of the two secondary antagonists of the Season 1 Finale "Void Trap."


Some time before revealing himself, Reaghoul revived an evil copy of Lord Zedd and used a Compliance Collar to control him due to the Emperor of Evil not taking orders from anyone. Reaghoul commands Zedd to get into Area 62 and steal the Sporix from Void Knight in order to make himself even more powerful. Upon seeing Zedd nearly destroy Void Knight, he orders him to stand down before introducing himself as he explains his powers of reviving anyone and how he revived Zedd despite him being purified as he has brought back Zedd when he was at his most evil and put a Compliance Collar on him for him to obey him. The two agreed on an alliance; if Reaghoul brings Void Knight the Dino Fury Rangers, he gets a single Sporix Egg. As additional muscle, Reaghoul resurrects Brineblast and Wolfgang using his powers. Reaghoul and Zedd successfully capture four of the Dino Fury Rangers except for Ollie who manages to escape. The Blue Ranger later returns after reviewing the Legendary Ranger Database, managing to destroy Zedd's Compliance Collar with his Chromafury Saber, which frightens Reaghoul into retreating. However, for his incompetence, Void Knight has him imprisoned in Area 62 under the influence of Sleepy Cuffs rather than destroying him as he may be useful to him in the future. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Old Foes

Slyther and Mucus witness the Dino Fury Rangers and Dr. Lani Akana tapping into the Morphin Grid to contact the Morphin Masters for advice. Needing a diversion, Void Knight decided to have Reaghoul de-cuffed so the necromancer can resurrect Boomtower as a suitable distraction, which he does. Although Boomtower was ultimately destroyed, Void Knight managed to retrieve the devices he needs. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Waking Nightmares

Under Void Knight's order, Reaghoul revives Boomtower again and is sent to distract the Rangers so th knight can set up a trap, using Sleepy Cuffs on Dr. Akana to kidnap her though he then betrays Slyther and Mucus and traps them in the Dark Dimension with her. Whilst five of the Rangers investigate a Ranger Hotline tip, Zayto goes alone in the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord to fight a now giant-sized Reaghoul inside the Dark Dimensional gateway. Although Reaghoul puts up a fight, he is easily overwhelmed and obliterated by Zayto with the Cosmic Gateway Strike, ending his resurrections once and for all. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Void Trap


Despite his destruction, Reaghoul's battle with Zayto allowed Void Knight to capture four Rangers after Boomtower's death and use their connection to the Morphin Grid to try and revive Santaura. Void Knight captures Zayto soon after when he tries to stop him. However, Ollie freed them, allowing Izzy and Aiyon to destroy Void Knight's machine, which seemingly killed them both.


Reaghoul appeared to have a calm and collected personality since he never got angry at his plans not working or Zedd's anger. He was however, a power hungry sorcerer who wanted a Sporix to enhance his power and was shown to have a high intelligence, as seen when he used a Compliance Collar on Zedd to control him, knowing how Zedd is and his plan nearly succeeded if it hadn't been for Ollie. Despite being calm, he could be scared as when Zedd was freed from his control, he retreated back in fear with Mucus due to not having enough confidence to fight him off and being less powerful than him. Reaghoul was shown to have a treacherous side, betraying and sending Slyther and Mucus to the Dark Dimension with Dr. Akana but unconsciously and involuntarily saving his comrades from their destruction by the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Necromancy: A rather unique variant as it appeared to be more of a reviving-the-dead concept, Reaghoul would channel misty white-yellow energy from his hands to do the following:
    • Sporix Revival: While Sporix Beasts are immortal, their physical forms can be destroyed which meant he was technically able to revive Wolfgang and Brineblast.
      • Self-Revival Bestowment: Reaghoul was able to give Wolfgang and Brineblast the ability to reform themselves at least once at will.
    • Temporal Revival: Reaghoul was able to resurrect Lord Zedd's evil half from a time prior to his marriage to Rita Repulsa; since Zedd had become less ambitious afterwards.
    • Resurrection: Reaghoul can bring the dead back to life, as seen when he revived Boomtower.
  • Intelligence: Reaghoul was one of the more intelligent villains as seen when he decided to use a Compliance Collar to keep Zedd under his control.
  • Teleportation: Reaghoul was able to teleport to any location in a purple energy column.
  • Ground Portal: Reaghoul could create a green portal in the ground to the Dark Dimension, which he sent Slyther, Mucus, and a sleeping Dr. Akana falling into. It was also the site of his battle with the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord.
  • Enlarging: Reaghoul was able to grow giant on his own off-screen whilst he was in his portal.


  • Sight: Reaghoul could see despite his eyes being presumably covered.


  • Vulnerability to Sleepy Cuffs: Reaghoul could be put in a sleep-like state through some Sleepy Cuffs.


  • Claws: Although he never used them in battle, Reaghoul had clawed hands for combat.
  • Compliance Collars: Similarly to Ryjack, Reaghoul could equip revived villains with a Compliance Collar in order to control them.
  • Sleepy Cuffs: Reaghoul used some Sleepy Cuffs to put Dr. Akana to sleep.
  • Kris: In his Megazord battle, Reaghoul used a Kris-style blade for combat similar to Vypeera.

Revived Minions

Behind the Scenes



  • Reaghoul was based on a Necromancer, a wizard or a witch that resurrects beings from the dead with dark incantations.


  • Reaghoul's name was a pun on regal and ghoul, fitting his pompous nature and design.


  • Reaghoul was the first independent villain not to be of Void Knight's crew to utilize Sporix Beasts as he used Brineblast and Wolfgang.
  • Reaghoul was the first monster not to fight the Dino Fury Rangers directly as he instead used his revived minions as muscle to fight for him.
    • However, in "Void Trap" he fought Zayto while giant-sized and was the first monster to be destroyed by the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord.
  • Reaghoul was the second monster to be used in completely original footage in his first and second appearances as his Sentai counterpart did not revive Brineblast and Wolfgang but did have reviving abilities.
    • Due to needing to have original footage with Lord Zedd (a PR exclusive villain), he was used as a way to utilize footage involving Wolfgang and Brineblast's returns, given that their Sentai counterparts returned only as illusions attacking Ollie's counterpart. He would later be used in Sentai footage in his final appearance as he fought Zayto giant-sized in the Dark Dimension.
  • Unlike Reaghoul's Sentai counterpart, who was a monster-of-the-week, Reaghoul was nothing like his Sentai counterpart, who was a Minosaur monster from the Warfare Tribe Druidon, but he is not a Sporix Beast and appears in three episodes.
    • This makes Reaghoul the second Power Rangers villain with this distinction, the first being Vargoyle.
  • Reaghoul started out as an ally of the Sporix Army, but then he becomes one of Void Knight's generals, making him the third to be destroyed and the second not to be a robot.
  • Reaghoul is the second of Void Knight's generals to be permanently destroyed at the end of Season 1, the first being Boomtower.


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