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Ray (レイ Rei) is the leader of the Back Dimension Dimensian Soldiers; working alongside allies Kanna and Dan. He, like the others, can transform into warriors known as Birdman.

Character History

Ray first appears alongside Kanna and Dan in Ep. 23: A New Squadron Debuts, launching the Bird Garuda off their home planet of Dimensia to follow Vyram to Earth. When the Jetman are fighting the Destruction Beast Semimaru in the Jet Icarus, they are beaten, and the monster prepares to land the finishing blow as the Bird Garuda joins the fight, using Garuda Vulcan and Diamond Blizzard to stop their foe. Back at SkyCamp, Ray and his team explain to Aya Odagiri that they are warriors from the planet Dimensia, a world destroyed by Vyram, and that they tracked them to Earth, ready to fight alongside the Jetman. Ryu Tendo happily accepts their offer as he and Ray shake hands. As Gai tries to quit the Jetman, stating they now have a surplus of Rangers, Aya attempts to persuade him to stay, saying that he saw the enemy they fought and the Jet Icarus needs repairs, though Ray states that nothing can break through the Diamond Blizzard's ice.

When Semimaru actually breaks out of the Diamond Blizzard, the Back Dimension Soldiers rush out in the Bird Garuda to stop it and transform the Bird Garuda into the Jet Garuda. They are overpowered, and use the Garuda Burst as a last ditch effort to stop the monster, leaving the Jet Garuda damaged along with the Jet Icarus.

In Ep. 24: Launch, Super Robot, both the Jetman and Back Dimension Soldiers work to repair their mecha as Gai gets frustrated and states they can't win. Though Ryu protests, Ray agrees with Gai, stating that they have two mecha, and if the two can combine, they will achieve new powers. Semimaru attacks the city again, and the Jetman set out to stall him while the Back Dimension Soldiers finish programming the Jet Garuda for combining. They finish the program and launch, only to be stopped by Radiguet, who teleports his sword into Ray's chest, causing the mecha to crash, throwing Dan and Kanna out. Radiguet drags a dead Ray out in the open as he pulls his sword out of his chest and tosses him to the ground.

Neither Ray, nor any of the Dimensian Soldiers, fought in the Great Legend War.



  • Ray and Kanna are the only heroes to never transform into their fighting form at any point.
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