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The Rat Monsters were transformed rats who served as the final antagonists of the three part episode "Return of the Green Ranger."


Three rats are in Uncle Ben's barn during the late 18th century, and annoy Aisha Campbell when she accidentally nearly sits on one. As such, when the Wizard of Deception appears to eliminate the Power Rangers forever, he transforms three rats into mindless violent monsters. Confronted by a true threat, the Rangers attempt to morph but them being in the past prevents them from summoning their Power Morphers which makes the Wizard of Deception cackle and return to the future whilst leaving his monsters to wreak havoc. As Tom Oliver continues summoning the Dragonzord, two of the Rat Monsters scare off the entire township including four redcoats on break. They then run everyone out of town including the Power Rangers shortly after the Dragonzord completely defeats the White Tigerzord. Fortunately, just as the Rat Monsters chase the citizens to the gallows, Tommy is soon able to steal the Wizard of Deception's wand and rescue the Power Rangers. Knowing they are outmatched, the Rat Monsters fall back into the forest but the Rangers have to leave the Rat Monsters to rampage for the moment.

Later on, Tommy and Tom (now freed from evil after the Wizard of Deception's demise) return to the past to face the Rat Monsters alongside each other. They arrive just as the three Rat Monsters manage to corner the entire town populous by some stage coaches and immediately get to work. Tom jumps up and glides sideways to send the first one flat on its backside. Tommy advances on the remaining two, side jumps a kick, kicks it in the gut to no effect, but then knocks it flat with a gut punch. The last one shrugs off a kick but Tommy ducks a swing, grabs it by the tail and tosses it away into the distance. After being defeated, the Rat Monsters are turned back into regular rats by the White Ranger with the Wizard's wand where they proceed to live out the rest of their lives.


The Rat Monsters were completely mindless forces of evil and destruction, speaking only in rat like chittering sounds who loved to wreak destruction and chaos. However, they did have the common sense to pull back and retreat when Tommy arrived in the past.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Claws: The Rat Monsters had no weapons or powers of any kind. They did however have tiny razor-sharp claws to try and fight their enemies with.

Behind the Scenes


  • Despite being credited, and the creatures only speaking in mindless rat noises, it is likely that the noises were provided by Dave Mallow.
    • This is based on the fact that their mindless gibberish sounds very similar to that of his previous two roles as the Pudgy Pigs.


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  • The Rat Monsters were originally intended to be used in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie which was being filmed at the same time. They were to be ordinary rats that Ivan Ooze would use his magic on to turn them into monsters for the Rangers to battle.
    • However, Haim Saban himself thought they were too low budget for a movie and used them here instead to fill time. They would be replaced with the Oozemen.