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"Speed Star! Washi Pink!"
―Washi Pink's roll call[src]

Raptor 283 (ラプター283 Raputā Ni-Hachi-San) is a Type 283 (タイプ283 Taipu Ni-Hachi-San) general purpose android and the initial commander of the Orion, who later becomes Washi Pink (ワシピンク Washi Pinku, Eagle Pink), the Pink Ranger of the Kyurangers. She's the last of the main rangers to awaken, but the eighth to join the team.

Character History

Raptor coordinating

Raptor coordinates the Kyurangers' efforts against Jark Matter from the Orion.

Raptor 283 was constructed by the Rebellion on their planet Space.2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team! in the Washi System to serve as secretary to commander Shou Ronbou and pilot of the spaceship ORION. Space.4: Dreamy Android She was based off Tsurugi Ohtori, also known as Houou Soldier's android designs.

Raptor was in command of the Orion when she sent the first three Kyurangers, Hammy, Spada and Champ, into battle in the flat planet of Crotus. Here the Kyurangers battle Jark Matter and attempt to save as many civilians as possible. They encounter a man from Luth, Lucky who makes it his goal to be one of them. Raptor 283 accepts him into the Orion to help fix his crashed space cruiser. Once there, they find Lucky has made of with a Transformation Controller Seiza Blaster and Raptor 283 sends the Kyurangers to the planet Jagjag to track him down. In the ground, both Lucky and a Jagjag resident, Garu, become Kyurangers, but soon after, Raptor 283 is ambushed in orbit from Jark Matter ships, forcing the Kyurangers to summon their Voyager machines to take the fight to space. Raptor 283 later welcomes and orients the new Kyurangers and inducts them as part of the Rebellion. Space.1: The Super Stars of Space

Raptor's lecture

Raptor lectures the team on Jark Matter.

Briefing the team on their mission against Jark Matter, Raptor 283 was interrupted by Lucky as he set off in the Shishi Voyager to find the next Kyuranger who he pinpointed to Zigama, sending the other Kyurangers after him. Lucky's shot ultimately bore fruit in the form of the two thieves Naga Rei and Balance who joined the team as Hebitsukai Silver and Tenbin Gold respectively, with Raptor 283 voicing doubt that Lucky's luck would last forever. Space.2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team!

Introducing the seven Kyurangers to the Rebellion commander Shou Ronbou, Raptor sent them off to prevent the destruction of the planet Needle which was being drained of its Planet Jume by Jark Matter. Raptor was most concerned in light of the emergence of a hostile new Kyuranger, who had stung all the team bar Lucky and Champ, only to find Shou preoccupied with finding a catchphrase, eventually settling on OKyu. Taking the Futago Kyutama from the pile dropped off by Shou, Raptor dropped down to Needle and gave it to Lucky, allowing him to fight with double the power. Fortunately, the afflicted Kyurangers recovered in time for the team to assemble and destroy the Moraimarz draining the planet's Jume. Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star

Space.4: Dreamy Android

Space.5: 9 Ultimate Saviors

After the destruction of Daikaan Mozuma's Moraimarz, the crew discovered that they had lost control of the ship and that they had been sent on a direct course to the Sun, causing a sharp rise in temperature which the mechanical Raptor tolerated better than her organic shipmates. The ship and crew were ultimately saved, however, as Mozuma was destroyed by Shishi Red and Koguma Skyblue, causing his microbic extensions to dissipate and return control of the ship. Space.10: A Small Giant, Big Star!

Raptor was among the crew left behind to perform repairs on the Orion following the ordeal with the Sun as a team was led by Shou to recover the Tomo Kyutama on Earth. Space.11: Three Kyutama to Save The Universe

Returning from Vela in the midst of Stinger and Champ's fight with Scorpio, Raptor fought in KyurenOh to take down a Deathworm that the Karo had enlarged. Tragically, Champ was near destroyed after saving Stinger from Scorpio, and so Stinger was ordered to take his body to Rebellion HQ in hopes that he could be saved. Space.16: Stinger's Reunion with His Brother

Other Events

Zyuohger vs. Ninninger

Through unknown circumstances, the nine Kyurangers made a brief appearance on an Earth where Jark Matter was not present. Instead, the Kyurangers arrived to intervene against the Deathgalien before they could interfere with the Zyuohgers' fight with the Ninningers for the future of Super Sentai against Gillmarda. With Washi Pink fighting off Naria alongside Chameleon Green, the Kyurangers eventually forced the Deathgalien to retreat before taking their leave with their appearance observed by the Zyuohger ally Bud, who realized that the future was in safe hands. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai

Transformation Lessons ~Let's Star Change Together!~

Ookami Blue & Oushi Black Chapter

Washi Pink & Kajiki Yellow Chapter

Chou Super Hero Taisen

Raptor fought as part of the nine-man Kyuranger team as they joined the Chou Shocker TaisenIcon-crosswiki with various Sentai Rangers and Kamen RidersIcon-crosswiki against the ShockerIcon-crosswiki army of the Game WorldIcon-crosswiki led by Shocker Leader IIIIcon-crosswiki. Through use of the Futago Kyutama, the complete team fought using a duplicated KyurenOh utilizing all nine Voyagers against the Big Moraimarz Robo pilotedIcon-crosswiki by the Oogumo Great Leader, whom they vanquished by fighting alongside the enlargedIcon-crosswiki Kamen Rider Ex-AidIcon-crosswiki Maximum GamerIcon-crosswiki Level 99Icon-crosswiki. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

Video game appearances

Super Sentai Legend Wars

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger in Super Sentai Legend Wars

Kyuranger as seen in Super Sentai Legend Wars.

Washi Pink appears with her team among all Sentai in the mobile game Super Sentai Legend Wars.


Raptor's shown to be serious and short-tempered, as shown as when she hit Shou Ronbou because of him thinking about new reply words instead of Kyuranger safety. She also shown to be brave, as she delivered Futago Kyutama to Lucky while in the battlefield.

However, despite her seriousness, she tends to daydream and write in her tablet about her fighting alongside the Kyurangers. She can also be air headed at times, when no one is around. Her dream became reality, when her wish created the Washi Kyutama. She sees the Orion as her Uncle.

Powers and Abilities

Android Physiology
As an android, she has shown the following superhuman abilities:
Heat Resistance
As an android, she cannot be dehydrated, and can still function normally under the extreme heat when Orion approaches the Sun while the organic members of the Orion's crew are weakened by heat to the point of being immobilized.
Space Adaptation
She doesn't need any life support equipments when spacewalking outside of Orion.

Washi Pink


Washi Pink




  • All-Star Crash (オールスタークラッシュ Ōru Sutā Kurasshu): Washi Pink performs a powerful blast attack with the Seiza Blaster alongside her fellow Kyurangers.

Appearances: Zyuohger vs. Ninninger, Kyuranger Episodes 4, Transformation Lessons ~Let's Star Change Together!~ (Washi Pink & Kajiki Yellow), Kyuranger 5, Chou Super Hero Taisen, Kyuranger 8, 9, 12, 15-17, 22, The Ghess Indavers Counterattack, Kyuranger 23

Behind the Scenes

  • Of the 88 modern constellations, she represents Aquila, "The Eagle"
  • Washi Pink is the first Pink Ranger and first Female Sentai Ranger to have an Eagle as part of her motif. This animal motif was originally used by male Sentai Rangers only, the most prominent being Red Rangers such as the preceding Zyuoh Eagle.
    • There was, however, a previous female Power Ranger with an eagle motif: Taylor Earhardt, the Soaring Eagle and Yellow Ranger of Wild Force. As was common at the time, her Sentai counterpart was male.
  • Her numerical designation isn't random: in Goroawase, "283" can be read as tsu-ba-sa (つ ば さ (翼)), which means wing.



  • "Raptor" is another name used to refer to birds of prey.
  • Raptor shares some similarities with Kendall Morgan from Power Rangers Dino Charge, namely that they possess similar personalities and serve as both Rangers and advisors to their respective teams.
  • Raptor appears to be a tribute to the advisor robots such as Peebo, Arthur G6, Colon, and Mag
  • Besides her name and color scheme, Raptor shows no trace of her constellation motif in her unmorphed form, much like her human teammates.
  • Of the four non-humanoid Kyuranger, Raptor closest represents Colon of Liveman
  • While other Assist Robots such as DaiGoyou or Datas have an alternate mode that allows them to help a Sentai Team in a fight, Raptor is the first Assist Robot to become a Sentai Ranger herself.
  • Raptor's prefered Kyu The Weapon mode (Kyu Shot) is the most simple made form of the Kyu The Weapon because it does not require any of the attachable pieces it only requires the handle.
  • Though not the first Sentai Ranger to possess wings in her costume she is the first to be a Pink Ranger with wings and the first Sentai Ranger to possess wings on her back instead of being unfoldable ones attached to her arms.
  • Raptor is the first Pink Ranger since Miku Imamura (Mega Pink) to be on a Post Anniversary Sentai Team.



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