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"A hundred legs to strike you. Rantipede!"
―Rantipede's roll call.[src]
― Rantipede's last words before his death.[src]
Rantipede rinshi

Rantipede is a Rinshi, master of Centipede fight style and first of Five Fingers of Poison to fight the Jungle Fury Rangers. He serve as the main antagonist of the episode "A Taste of Poison".


Rantipede and other Fingers of Poison were formed by Camille, do destroy the Rangers. Rantipede was the master of Centipede fight style. He always wore sack on his head. He had the ability to attack his opponents with one hundred punches. After first battle with rangers, Rantipede decided to fight the rangers alone and challenged Casey for a duel. But Lily came instead of Casey. Yellow Ranger used her speed and defeated Rantipede in the duel. When the other rangers came Rantipede showed his true face made of Centipede coiled tail and after absorbing enough fear he enlarged himself. During the battle with Jungle Pride Megazord, Rantipede uncoiled his tail from his head and wrapped it around the Megazord. But Megazord speened around and freed itself. Rantipede was finally destroyed by Megazord's Savage Spin Attack.

Later Rantipede was revived by Naja along with Gakko to help him overthrow Dai Shi. However he was quickly destroyed by Dai Shi during the battle.

In the final battle Rantipede was revived by Dai Shi, but was finally destroyed by RJ.


Rantipede is highly skilled, strong and cunning. He is also very arrogant, confident and prideful as he thought he can defeat the rangers. But he is also very loyal to Dai Shi and was shown to be good friends with other Fingers of Poison.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hundred Chops: Rantipede can attack with one hindred punches. 
  • Superhuman Strength: Rantipede has superhuman strength enough to fight the rangers. 
  • Thousand Billion Palms
  • Harmful Toxin Fist
  • Great Castle Whip: Rantipede's secret ability. It allows him to attack his opponent using his centipede-shaped head as a whip.
  • Enlarging: He too can grow big when he absorbed the fears from the humans. 

Behind The Scenes

Voice Actor

Rantipede is voiced by Gerald Urquhart.


  • Rantipede is the first monster that fought singly with Lily.

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