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Rangers in Reverse is the thirty-third episode of season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It is also the one hundred and forty-fifth episode of the show. It is the beginning of the eleven-episode Alien Ranger arc.

The episode marks the last time that all of the original MMPR costumes are used by the main team (the core Zyuranger costumes were first used since "Day of the Dumpster" and the Kiba Ranger costume was first used in "White Light").

The 23rd Zeo Serial Short aired before a later airing of the episode.


As the Power Rangers surprise Kat with a trip to the carnival for her birthday, Master Vile summons the Orb of Doom and uses its power to throw the Rangers and the rest of the world backwards in time.


The Power Rangers, minus Kat, meet in the Juice Bar to discuss plans for her upcoming birthday, while Rita Repulsa is boasting to Lord Zedd that Master Vile's newest plan will destroy them all for sure. The evil patriarch has summoned the Orb of Doom, which will freeze the Earth's rotation and reverse time so that the Rangers will be powerless children. Zedd has his doubts about this plan, especially since he had already tried a similar plan just last year, but Vile calls Zedd an amateur and has Rito Revolto place the Orb outside Angel Grove.

At the carnival, Lt. Stone is trying to enjoy a day off, but runs afoul of Bulk and Skull as they work the parking detail. Nearby, the Rangers take off Kat's blindfold to reveal that they have taken her to the carnival for a surprise birthday party. As they are all enjoying themselves, the Rangers are summoned to the Command Center and given urgent orders from Zordon to stop the Orb of Doom from activating.

The Rangers morph and meet with Rito. Goldar and a flock of Tenga Warriors arrive to defend the Orb, and half of the Tengas break off to attack the carnival. The Rangers are forced to separate. Tommy, Rocky, and Kat focus on the Orb while Adam, Aisha, and Billy use their Metallic Armor to defend the carnival from the Tengas. Unfortunately, the opposition is too strong to beat and Rito is able to plant the Orb. With the Orb in place, Master Vile summons its power and throws the Earth's rotation in reverse, which has the effect of reversing everybody's age in Angel Grove.

The Rangers themselves are turned into kids, along with Bulk and Skull and even Lt. Stone. Zedd, Rita, Goldar, and Rito soon arrive in the carnival to enlarge themselves and trash the city, and the child Rangers are unable to morph in defense. Truly, this is the darkest hour for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Earth.




  • When the Rangers split up into two teams, no effort was made by Tommy, Kat and Rocky to use the Metallic Armor or use any kind of arsenal to get past the super strong Tengas and stop Rito from planting the Orb of Doom.
  • The Rangers also never consider summoning Ninjor for help.
  • The Rangers also never consider summoning their zords to help. While generally frowned upon against small villains, there have been instances where Zordon gave the go-ahead, such as where he suggested they use their zords to crush the Samurai Fan Man while it was still small, knowing of the monster's power.
  • Strangely, it appeared that everyone in Angel Grove were reduced to being children and not just those at the age of the Rangers (teenagers), the most obvious example being Lt. Stone who was roughly 10-15 years older than them. This hints at the veracity of the fan theory that the rock of time and the orb of doom were not actual time reversal devices but cast spells to cause people (and some objects) to regress to previous forms of themselves .


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