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Ranger Reveal is the seventeenth episode in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.[1] It is a prelude that leads into Season 1's endgame.


When a movie star comes to town, the Rangers' secret identities are unexpectedly threatened.


People, including the Rangers, are outside the Channel 10 News building waiting for the arrival of movie star Nikki Rev, with Zoey’s mother, Muriel, hoping to use the interview to further her career. Ben and Betty use their extendo selfie stick to get a photo ready, but they extend it too far and it hooks a truck. When they try to retract it, it pulls them into the truck as it drives off. Muriel gets a call from Nikki who cancels the interview, upsetting the former as she is forced to tell the crowd the bad news. Suddenly, Vargoyle arrives to fight the Rangers, causing the crowd to run away in fear. The Rangers morph to fight Vargoye, but the latter reveals the Data Chip upgrade, using the copied Beast Powers to overpower them. However, Vargoyle notices that the Data Chip is running out of Morph-X, and is forced to retreat before the Rangers can get a clear shot. Confused as to how the Cyber Villains could copy the main trios Beast Powers, the Rangers head back to Grid Battleforce to run some tests.

As they leave, Muriel notices that a dropped camera was recording the entire fight, and believes that there was footage of them morphing. Although the memory card was damaged during the fight, and the data being corrupted in the process, the camera technician says that he could fix it in time for the Six O’clock news. Muriel tells Zoey the news, with the latter feeling conflicted as her mother could out the Rangers identities, including her. Zoey tries to convince Muriel not to air the footage, but the latter believes that the Rangers want their secret out, and that it could boost her career.

In the Cyber Dimension, Varygole and Scrozzle pitch to Evox a Memory Pulsator to help obtain more Morph-X, only for the Avatars to barge in and reveal that they were working on the Memory Pulsator as well, having a rough diagram on them. However, Vargoye reveals that he already has it created, and the Avatars are quick to confront Scrozzle for telling Vargoyle about their plan and building the device, which the latter arrogantly confirms. However, Evox does not care about who was the real creator of the Memory Pulsator, and lets Vargoyle carry out the plan, frustrating the Avatars even more.

At Riptide Gym, Zoey tells the others about what Muriel told her. While Devon and Steel do not believe that having their identities revealed is a bad idea, the rest of the Rangers do not agree. Ravi wants to tell Commander Shaw about their problem, but Zoey convinces him to hold off as she wants to fix it herself without getting her mother into trouble. Meanwhile, Ben and Betty try to fix their extendo selfie stick, but it goes haywire as it keeps hitting Ben until extends too far and pulls of a nearby person’s wig off. Betty recognizes the person as Nikki Rev, and everybody at the gym begins to hound at her, forcing the Rangers to escort her to safety.

Back at the Cyber Dimension, Vargoyle and his new Robotron Shockatron are ready to begin Phase 1 of the plan. Vargoyle orders Scrozzle to send out a Gigadrone, while ordering Shockatron to lure the Rangers into a fight. As that happens, Vargoyle himself will arm the Memory Pulsator.

Meanwhile, the Rangers get Nikki out of the Gym and have Grid Battleforce personal drive her back to her hotel. Before leaving, Nikki thanks them for the help, and after seeing the fans crowd around her, Steel and Devon realize that having their identities revealed would make their jobs as Rangers harder. Just then, Commander Shaw tells the Rangers about Shockatron and the approaching Gigadrone. The team splits up with the main trio going after Shockatron, while Nate and Steel fight against the Gigadrone. The main trio confronts Shockatron and morph into action, only to find out that the Robotron can absorb their Beast-X Blasters energy and redirect it towards them. That forces them to stick with the Beast-X Sabers.

Elsewhere, Shockadrone appears just as Nate and Steel enter their Zords, the former transforming the Wrecker Zord into its Battle Mode. Although the two Rangers have the upper hand at first, Shockadrone redirects their energy back at them in a powerful blast. Nate calls Devon for assistance, with Ravi reassuring the latter that he and Zoey can handle Shockatron. Devon arrives in the Racer Zord Battle Mode, using its Saber to overpower Shockadrone before destroying it with a Cheetah Strike. Meanwhile, Ravi destroys Shockatron with a Beast-X Slash. and he and Zoey race of to the Channel 10 News building to stop Muriel. As all of this happens, Vargoyle sets up his Memory Pulsator on the Channel 10 News tower.

Back at the news station, the camera technician us almost finished repairing the memory card when Zoey and the others come in to once again convince Muriel not to reveal the Rangers identities. Muriel’s boss tells her that Nikki Rev is ready for her rescheduled interview, but since Muriel is too busy with the Ranger stuff to do it, Zoey offers to do it as part of a fan’s perspective. As Zoey does the interview, she has Nikki explain how difficult it is being a celebrity is, revealing that she was late to the first interview because fans hounded her at the airport. As Nikki explains this, Muriel sees this, and when it comes time for her segment, she announces that while she has footage of the Ranger’s morphing, she decides not to air it as it would harm their jobs of protecting Coral Harbor, snapping the memory card in the process. After the segment ends, Muriel apologies to Zoey for not listening to her before, while her boss praises her for her integrity.

Back at the Cyber Dimension, Vargoyle comments that Shockatron’s actions were enough to distract the Rangers so he could plant the Memory Pulsator without any problems. As Scrozzle works on programming the Memory Pulsator, Vargoyle manically laughs that the fall of Grid Battleforce is near.



  • The Racer Zord can be seen riding the Jet Zord when finishing Shockadrone despite there being no indication that the two had teamed up.
    • This is because in Go-BustersBC-04 defeated WataameZord whilst riding SJ-05 during thier Bett Catapult attack (the equivalent to the Jet Zord Collider Crash from "Hypnotic Halloween)."
      • The reason why this was changed isn't clear but it was probably for time.


  • Although Coral Harbor's exact geographical location is never specified, Nikki Rev's statement about being mobbed at the airport implies that Coral Harbor it's 100 miles or more from Los Angeles and Hollywood.

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