This article is about a/an set of summoned villains in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

This is a list of Ranger Key Summons, which summons Ranger Key Clones from the Ranger Keys. There are many different ways to summon these Rangers, as 4 characters have been shown summoning these clones.

List of Ranger Key Summons

Ep. 4: What are Friends For?

Joe's about to make a splash

Ranger Keys for the Blue Slash

  • Gokai Blue summons five Blue Rangers for his one-man Final Wave, the Five-Blade Style Blue Slash:
  • Coincidently, the 5 Blue Ranger Keys used in the Blue Slash attack all control the element of water.
  • Joe's attack, Blue Slash, is one letter away from becoming "Blue Splash", the water-based magic of MagiBlue. Incidentally, MagiBlue was one of the five keys used for the Final Wave attack.
    • With the five Blue Ranger keys in reverse chronological order, the MagiBlue key is the central anchor of the five keys.

Ep. 15: A Privateer Appears

Sixth Ranger Clones

Sixth Ranger Summon #1

Ep. 16: Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai

Gathering of the Sixths

Sixth Ranger Summon #2

Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle

Black Cross Ranger summons

33 Sentai teams Summon

The Black Cross King steals the Gokai Treanger Box and, through the use of a special launcher (in which he dumps all 176 Ranger Keys that were contained in the box at the time), summons manifestations of the first 33 Super Sentai teams (excluding the Extra Heroes, whose Ranger Keys were still in Basco's possession) to fight against the Goseigers and Gokaigers:

Ep. 20: The Lost Forest

Four Extra Hero Clones in the Ginga Forest

Extra Hero Summon #1

Ep. 23: People's Lives are the Future of the Earth

Three Bangai Hero Clones

Extra Hero Summon #2

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship

Goranger summon

Gorenger Summon

Ep. 31: Crash!! Secret Operations

Basco All Bangai

Extra Hero Summon #3

Ep. 48: The Fated Showdown

Gokaiger clones

Gokaiger Summon

  • With the Gokaigers Keys, Basco summons manifestations of the Gokaigers to find Navi. However, during their search, the clones end up fighting their civilian counterparts:
  • With this episode, Basco has summoned all 16 Sixth Rangers as clones at least once.
  • This is the only time Basco summons Ranger Key clones of core Sentai Rangers. In fact, this is the only time Basco had any of the core Ranger Keys outside of his time with the Red Pirates.
  • The Gokai Red clone is the only Gokaiger clone who does not fight its civilian counterpart.
  • As of this episode, the only Ranger Keys to not have been transformed into clones are the five core Goseiger keys (Basco only had them for this episode and the Goseiger Keys were with the original team when Black Cross Führer stole the Treanger chest. Also, the AbarePink Key, as well as the hybrid keys, do not count, as they did not fully originate from the Legend War).

Gokai Silver Final Wave

  • Gokai LegenDream (Final Wave) (Episodes 19-21, 23, 24, 29, 30, 33, 35, 38, 40, 46 & 50)
  • Gokai Legend Crash (Final Wave) (Episodes 31 & 51)
    • Summons: Gokai Silver, when using this Final Wave, summons the Shooter Rangers used in the Gokai LegenDream attack to assist in a slash attack, except for MagiShine.
      • In the second use 20 episodes later, all 15 of the previous Sixth Rangers (even MagiShine) join in for an overhead slash attack.


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