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The Rainbow Line President (レインボーラインの総裁 Reinbō Rain no Sōsai) is the president of the Rainbow Line. He is a mystery rabbit-head-hat wearing man that has incredible imagination powers and is the Conductor, Ticket, and Wagon's superior. His true face, as well as the nature of Ticket, are open for the viewer's imagination.

Character History

The President’s imagination is so strong that he created the ToQgers. Our heroes were never adults, they are still children and the President just imagined them as teenagers/young adults so they can fight as ToQgers. They didn’t lose their teenage memories, they never were teens in the first place. However, the shock of their growth did indeed cause them to lose their childhood memories.[1]


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  • Rainbow Line President is the first character in the Super Sentai series portrayed by Kōsuke Toriumi that is not a monster of the week.


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Behind the Scenes

  • The form of an "imaginary rabbit" as the Rainbow Line President's guise may be in reference to the 1944 play Harvey (as well as the 1950 film adaptations staring James Stewart), with the titular creature being a 6ft. 3.5in. tall imaginary rabbit known as a "pooka".



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