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Rainbow Cloth

  • Hazard Level: 120

The Rainbow Cloth (虹の反物 Niji no Tanmono) is a special cloth used by Onmyouji in order to transform into different disguises and forms during their travels. The cloth is found by Shizuka of the Wind, who uses the material to wrap herself within to become the "ultimate" of whatever she desires, whether a female gunman, a martial artist, a truck or, ultimately, a "super kunoichi" form. However the cloth unexpectedly also makes a stray tortoise-shell cat transform into a girl after a piece of it tore off during Shizuka's journey back to Dark Shadow's headquarters. The cat, giving herself the name of Miyu, goes to SGS to be with Souta, whom she admires due to him taking care of her in an alleyway as he was on a date. However the duo ends up encountering Shizuka, who uses her new cloth powers to easily defeat Bouken Blue in battle. Ultimately, the Boukengers realize that while those who wear the cloth are invincible anywhere wrapped within it, the piece that was torn off to create Miyu ended up creating a weak point, which the cat sniffs out and directs Souta to attack with the Dual Crusher. Angered, Shizuka uses the cloth to grow into a giant, but the combination of Ultimate DaiBouken with Zubaan's sword mode finally rips the material off of her body and turns her back to normal. The final piece of the cloth on Miyu is returned to Souta when he promises to adopt her as his new cat. Task 38: The Rainbow Cloth

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