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Rainbow Chameleon (レインボーカメレオン Reinbōkamereon, 45) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, combining attributes of a lens and a chameleon

Character History

Rainbow Chameleon was the Mechavolution Beast in charge of a lab connected to Zenobia where the Jashinka were developing a beam that would fire a rainbow which would activate lava plumes throughout Tokyo, buring the city in a sea of fire. Though the attack sites for the move were to be throughout the city, Zenobia took advantage of a girl whose mother had died and which she was the exact lookalike of in order to keep an eye on the scheme. During an initial approach of the lab, Rainbow Chameleon attacks Dan with the illusion attack preventing him from getting any closer to it. However with the Dynaman having knowledge of where the lab was, Dr. Yumeno sends out DyJupiter to destroy it before the scheme could go forwards. During combat with the Dynaman, the Mechavolution Beast uses its illusion powers to warp the Dynaman's senses and then tries to escape from them with invisibility until DynaRed uses the Red Fire of his DynaRod to expose the creature long enough for a New Super Dynamite to destroy it.

After being rebuilt and grown with the Big Bang Beam, Rainbow Chameleon lays on a barrage of color attacks and bombs against DynaRobo, but the mecha uses DynaFlash to stun it for a Lightning Gravity Fall to finish it off.


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Modus and Arsenal

Rainbow Chameleon's main ability is a lens on the left eye that can change the colors of the background, forcing anyone hit by it to undergo illusions that distort reality called the Chameleon Beam. It can also hide using its abilities to blend in, teleport, and can throw many multi-colored grenades to attack opponents.


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Behind the Scenes

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