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"Move it, bullheads! We gotta get that Morph-X to Master Evox quick smart. Huh? Ugh! Rangers?! "
―Railtron 2.0's first words when ordering some Tronics to speed up the theft of some Morph-X barrels immediately before the Rangers arrived.[src]

―Railtron 2.0's final word before his destruction.[src]

Railtron 2.0 is the second cargo train-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and is the upgraded form of the Railtron. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Crunch Time", which is the first part of the three-part series finale of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, is the final Robotron of the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, and is the final Robotron to appear in the series.


Railtron 2.0 was created off-screen by Scrozzle and sent with some Tronics to steal Morph-X in Sector Echo 05. Devon, Zoey, and Ravi went to fight him alone since Nate and Steel were busy decrypting Robo-Roxy's data drive. He was first seen ordering Tronics to speed up the theft of some Morph-X barrels before a Grid Battleforce SUV arrived and deposited Ravi and Zoey alone since Devon had yet to arrive. Although wary of another Railtron, the duo went into battle against the Tronics unmorphed. The two overpowered his Tronics but he was too much by himself although Blaze (who was actually Cybervillain Blaze and not the human Blaze) arrived and kicked him down much to his surprise. With his help, they easily decimated the Tronics and Devon arrived so they all morphed and took on Railtron 2.0. They then summoned their Beast-X Blasters but he ducked away and returned fire which they dodged and engaged in a short shootout with the Robotron until Zoey had the idea to fall back in an ambush. Railtron 2.0 followed and was surprised to see just Devon and Ravi. Zoey then jumped down from atop the building and hit Railtron 2.0 with her Beast-X Cannon's Beast-X Cannon Blast, obliterating the Robotron. However, it was revealed shortly thereafter that Railtron 2.0's real mission was to bide time so that Omegadrone could finish being built.


Compare to hoe Railtron acted previous, Railtron 2.0 is a very bossy and impatient monster, rudely telling the Tronics to hurry up. Like his predecessor, many of his mannerisms and lines are based around trains and rail lingo. He is however extremely gullible, being lead right into a trap by the three Rangers.

Powers and Abilities

Being the final monster of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers series, Railtron 2.0 (while not as powerful as Digitron) is one of the strongest and most powerful monsters the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, as well as one of the strongest and most powerful monster in the entire Power Rangers Beast Morpher series. It took the power of three Beast Morpher Rangers to take him on and defeat him.

  • Strength: Being the upgraded form of the first Railtron, Railtron 2.0 is more powerful than any other 2.0 Monsters previously, being strong enough to throw Ravi and Zoey off of him when they tried to restrain his arms.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat: Railtron 2.0 is also far more skilled in combat than the first Railtron, being able to overpower the Yellow and Blue Rangers that are holding him and even able to avoid the Beast-X Blasts with ease.
  • Durability: Railtron 2.0 has much more durable skin than the original, being able to take a hard kick from Blaze and not get a dent on him.
  • Enhanced Speed: Railtron 2.0 can run a great speed, being able to run at high speed like a train.


  • Armored Gauntlets: Much like Railtron previously, Railtron 2.0 has armored gauntlets on his arms which he can use in combat for offense and defense.
    • Lightning Beams: Railtron 2.0 can shoot powerful yellow/gold colored lightning beams from the tip of his gauntlets.
      • Mega Lightning Beams: Railtron 2.0 can fire larger and more powerful yellow/gold colored lightning beams from both of his gauntlets. This is his strongest attack since it was powerful enough to send Zoey and Ravi flipping over backwards in one blast.
    • Lightning Blasts: Railtron can also fire wide yellow/gold colored lightning blasts from his gauntlets. This attack is shown to cover a great area.

Behind the Scenes


  • Both Railtron and Railtron 2.0 are voiced by Jeremy Birchall and share the exact same voice.


  • Railtron 2.0 is the second Robotron to not have a Gigadrone counterpart after Dumbbelltron.
    • Unlike Dumbelltron though, footage of DenshaZord 2 was never used as it didn't actually battle and was immediately turned into MegaZordloid who went unused.
  • All footage of Railtron with the Tronics up until the Rangers summon their Beast-X Blasters is US footage.
    • This is because the Sentai episode didn't introduce Denshaloid 2 and it opened with them already in battle.
  • He is the only 2.0 Robotron not to have a Gigadrone counterpart.
  • The idea of a Railtron 2.0 being the final monster of a show could be considered a fact of how Power Rangers Beast Morphers has a theme on vehicles, so naturally, the final monster of the show is a monster themed after a vehicles, much like how Cycletron, the very first monster of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, serves as the first monster, and in Railtron 2.0's case, a train.
  • Whats interesting to note is that both Railtron 2.0 and Cycletron share many coming traits with each other, seeing as:
    • Both monsters are themed after a vehicle (Cycletron: Motocycle, Railtron: Train)
    • Both monsters fight the Red, Yellow and Blue Rangers in their battle.
    • Both monsters have a projectile/firepower-based attacks fired out from their hands that are made of pure energy (Cycletron: Energy Lasers, Railtron 2.0: Lighting Beams).
    • Both monsters have weapons that are on their wrists.
    • Both monsters appear in an episode that also serves as a multi-part episode (Cycletron: Evox's Revenge, Railtron 2.0: Crunch Time).
    • Both monsters are very impotent in terms of roles when it comes to the Monster-Of-The-Week (Cycletron is the very first Monster-Of-The-Week, while Railtron 2.0 is the final Monster-Of-The-Week).
      • Despite their similarities, Railtron 2.0 and Cycletron are also very opposite, both in terms of their appearances and powers.
        • Cycletron is a monster who is themed after a vehicle that has two wheels and drives on the road, he appears in the second/final part of the two-part pilot episode of the first season Power Rangers Beast Morphers and only has one form of projectile/firepower attack, Cycletron also has a Gigadrone counterpart and also is the first form with no 2.0 forms.
        • Railtron 2.0 however is a monster themed after a vehicle that has many wheels and drives along tracks, he appears in the first part of the three-part season final of the second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers and has three forms of projectile/firepower base attacks, Railtron 2.0 also has no Gigadron counterpart and is also the second form of a monster previously fought by the Rangers.
  • Railtron 2.0 is the final Robotron overall.

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