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"All aboard...for some real trouble!"
―Railtron's first words after being created.[src]

"You want a fight?! I'm gonna hit you like the Coral Harbor express!"
―Railtron when confronted by the Grid Battleforce Rangers.[src]

"Sorry, folks! This train... is out of service! Choo-choo!"
―Railtron's final words before his destruction.[src]

Railtron was a cargo train-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers and the main antagonist of the episode "A Friend Indeed."


The locomotive being infected to create Railtron.

Railtron is created by Blaze and Roxy when they infect a tank locomotive resting in a siding outside of a Coral Harbor train station. Instead of being created from the entire train like most Robotrons, Railtron can instead be seen getting created from a piston on the side of the train. Railtron is tasked to go after the Beast Bots and steal their data so that Scrozzle can control the Beast-X Megazord and uses Tronics as a distraction. He succeeds in stealing the memory data of Cruise and Smash, reducing them to personalityless and emotionless shells, but fails to steal Jax's data memory after Zoey blasts Railtron and is forced to retreat. He later attempts to steal Jax's memory data again, but fails again because it was a trap set to steal back the other two Beast Bots' data. Zoey reveals herself from inside a holographic crate and blasts him down, making him drop the data discs which Jax then takes back to Grid Battleforce. Enraged, Railtron summons gauntlets over his arms before starting the battle. Devon kicks him down and the Robotron fires rails and wheels at them, but the Beast-X Blasters obliterate them. Though Railtron retreats, the Rangers surround and repeatedly slash the robot with the Beast-X Sabers before finishing him off with a combined Beast-X Slash attack.

After Railtron's defeat, Scrozzle used the Robotron's data to create Raildrone and adds two Gigatronics to aid it but all three were destroyed by the Beast-X Megazord.


Although Railtron acted quite dim-witted, he was very cunning as he snuck up on the Beast Bots to steal their data by luring them out. He also acted very much like a train conductor and spoke exclusively in train puns and railroad terms.

Powers and Abilities


  • Data Absorption: Railtron could fire a light pink colored laser at his enemies that will absorb his/her data and convert them into discs.
  • Railroad Launcher: Railtron could fire railroad tracks and train wheels from his chest at his opponents.


  • Durability: Being a train-themed monster, Railtron was shot three times by Zoey's Beast-X Blaster but only fell for a moment and a later slash from her Beast-X Saber had no effect.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat: Railtron was an expert fighter in hand-to-combat, being able to take the Rangers head on.
  • Intelligence: Railtron was one of the more intelligent Robotrons, being able to sneak up on and steal a large fraction of the Beast Bots' data.


  • Data Disks: Railtron possessed three disks with the intention of stealing the data from the Beast Bots so they could not pilot the Zords.
  • Armored Gauntlets: Railtron could equip his arms with armored gauntlets to aid him in combat.

Behind the Scenes



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Railtron with more humanoid arms.

  • Unlike his Sentai counterpart, Railtron's costume uses an arm parts from Gigadrone Alpha Model while Denshaloid's arms were utilized as arm gauntlets.
  • Unlike previous Robotrons, the infected object would disappear after the Robotron was created. This time, the train created from Railtron still remained after he is created.
  • The idea behind sabotaging the Beast Bots was similar to Spannerloid's plan in Go-Busters, a plot point reassigned while Tooltron gained a different role.


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