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" Morphing Alpha Model into Raildrone!"
―Scrozzle's computer creating the Gigadrone[src]

"Choo choo, woo woo."
―Raildrone's first words after the Beast-X Megazord formed ."[src]

―Raildrone's final words before its destruction.[src]

Raildrone was a Alpha Model Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, created from the data of Railtron.


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The Train Formation.

Immediately after Railtron's death, Raildrone is sent to the countryside outside of Coral Harbor because the Grid Battleforce Rangers have caused Scrozzle to lose the Beast Bots' memory data. He is deployed with two Gigatronics with the sole objective of destroying them all with thier combined firepower. Railtron and his Gigatronics are able to overwhelm the individual Zords until they combine into the Beast X Megazord. They attempt a second leaping aerial strike but fails as the Beast-X Blade Blast destroys the Gigatronics which sends Railtron into an uncontrollable skid. Devon calls for the Cheetah Beast Blaster and Raildrone is destroyed by the Beast-X Hyper Strike which makes him faceplant and explode.

Powers and Abilities


  • Chest Lasers: Raildrone could fire powerful purple colored energy lasers from its chest. This could apparently act as anti-aircraft defenses as they were used against the Chopper Zord and able to force it back.


  • Train Formation: With two Gigatronics, Raildrone could form a train-like formation to ram its enemies and offer superior stability.
    • Super Speed-Raildrone was able to travel at impressive speeds as part of the train formaiton.


  • Momentum-Raildrone relied upon his Gigatronics for balance when moving at high speeds. Once the Gigatronics were destroyed, Raildrone lost control and moved uncontrollably to his demise.


  • Arm Armor: Raildrone had arm armor strong enough to deflect the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode's Rocket Storm.

Behind the Scenes


  • Like Railtron, Raildrone was voiced by Jeremy Birchall and was completely capable of speech.
    • Raildrone was the only Gigadrone capable of speech beyond grunts and yells.


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  • Raildrone was the first Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers to be aided by foot solders and was the first Giant Monster-Of-The-Week in the Hasbro era of Power Ranger'to be aided by foot solders.


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