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Raildrone is an Alpha Model Gigadrone created by Scrozzle from the data of Railtron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Raildrone was sent to Coral Harbor after the Beast Morphers Rangers caused Scrozzle to lose the Beast Bots memory data. He was destroyed with two Gigatronics by the Beast X Megazord. A Friend Indeed


While Gigadrones mostly barely share the same behavior to their Robotron counterpart, Raildrone is the first one whose shared personality traits more pronounced through its mannerisms during the battle.

Powers and Abilities

  • Arm Armour: Raildrone has strong arm armour strong enough to deflect the Beast Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode's Rocket Storm.
  • Chest Blast: It can fire a powerful purple blast from its chest.
  • Train Formation: With two Gigatronics, they can form a train formation to ram their enemies. This formation can also fly, but when the Gigatronics are shot down, Raildrone falls.
    Train formation

    The Train Formation.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Unlike most Gigadrones, Raildrone has similar personality traits to Railtron, specifically the train-imitation behavior.

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