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Rage Flying Bōma Zulten (かっとび暴魔ズルテン Kattobi Bōma Zuruten, 1-51): A fat, disgusting creature able to turn into an ATV-like vehicle for Jarmin. A cheat who does anything to win; weak willed, always sucking up to superiors. He was the last of the original four bad guys serving Lagorn to be killed. He was not in good graces with Lagorn for his cowardice (and serves as a scapegoat after the death of Lehda, he also tried to use Zulten Metal Type to win his position back) and remained hidden at times afterward but shows up at times especially after Layda's death and during the arrival of Yamimaru and Kirika and remained unable to help his master during the battle of Red Turbo and Lagorn due to the red thread barrier placed by Yamimaru. He sided with the Wandering Bōma fearing his death but returned loyalty to Lagorn afterward being the type to side with whoever is in charge. He was killed when he tried to perform an assault on Turbo Builder via fighter jets. His weapons are the Zul Shot (ズルッポ Zuruppo) slingshot and the Zul Snapper (ズルパッチン Zurupacchin) horagai which doubles as blowgun and can be used also to enlarge his monsters.


Zulten in his ATV-like form being ridden by Riki

Behind the Scenes



  • Zulten's character design was the done by Tamotsu Shinohara, based on a rough sketch done by Keita Amemiya. Although the legs grew directly from the abdomen in Amemiya's sketch, which has been modified by Shinohara to look humanoid-like. Zulten's ATV-like form design was done when Turbo Attacker debuted.
  • Zulten has the distinction of being the only member of the Boma in both the 10th anniversary pilot and the final episode.
  • His name probably comes from "Zurui" (ずるい), the japanese word for "sneaky", "dishonest", which fits his personality.
  • In the Philippine dub, Zulten was renamed as Darkan.
  • His suit actor is Yasuhiro Takeuchi.



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