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"Uh-uh. I caught ya. Nice try, but you three cool cats don't have what it takes to fool the super-cool Radster!"
―Radster's first words when confronting Maya, Leo, and Damon outside of the Galactabeast cages.[src]

"Well, That was one last fireworks show. But now, you’re gonna have a bigger fish to fry!"
―Radster prior to enlarging himself.[src]

"Uh-huh! Oh, baby! It's time to play the Ranger Stomp!"
―Radster when he enlarged and tried to crush the Galaxy Rangers underfoot.[src]

"Oh no! Oh no! Ohhhh noooo!"
―Radster reacting to the Lion Galactabeast and his final words before his demise.[src]

Radster was a scorpion, lobster and rock themed monster who was the main antagonist of the episode "Race To The Rescue".



3000 years ago, Radster was on the homeplanet of the Magna Defender with the Motor Mantis and Sledge. They ended up being confronted by the Magna Defender but this sequence of events lead to the death of his son Zika and Radster escaped in the resulting fallout. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Sunflower Search

Lost Galaxy

In 1999, Radster is hired by Scorpius to try and salvage the Galactabeasts after the collosal failure of Brunt to stop the Galaxy Rangers from getting them. He arrives with some Stingwingers and takes down the Rangers but Maya and Kai arrive and knock him down. Although he puts up a good fight, Radster fights the Rangers but flees in terror when the Rangers release the Galactabeasts by slashing the restraints with the Quasar Sabers. Enraged, Scorpius kicks Brunt out of his crew and sends Radster to Terra Venture with Furio to destroy the colony as revenge. Now equipped with a blaster, Radster begins obliterating building and fights off Commander Stanton's squad of Galactic Space Alliance soldiers who put up a pitiful resistance against the two monsters before the Power Rangers arrive which makes Furio retreat. Radster fights Leo and uses his long and sharp claws in battle but is defeated by an energy slash from Leo's Quasar Saber. However, Radster survives without a scratch and drinks a special green mixture which makes him grow before trying to crush them underfoot and swatting away Leo when he tries to attack. Before he can obliterate them however, the Galactabeasts arrive to return the favor of saving them and the Lion Galactabeast teams up with Leo to combat Radster. The monster fires his pistol at them but the Lion Galactabeasts counters with a massive stream of fire, overwhelming the beam and striking Radster who partially disintegrates before being obliterated. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Race to the Rescue

Radster is amongst the monsters in the Shadow World when Queen Bansheera opens it to conquer the future. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Fate of Lightspeed


Radster was a boastful and arrogant individual who took pride in his mission to capture the Galactabeasts and then to attack Terra Venture. Despite this, Radster was a very comedic monster who was very proud of his rocker hairstyle.

Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: A double slash across his middle by Maya only made Radster stumble back and was able to shrug off multiple GSA rifle blasts.
  • Teleportation: Radster could teleport to any location in a bright white implosion-like effect flash. This went as far as teleporting from the Scorpion Stinger to the planet where the Galactabeasts were being held.


  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Despite being a weak monster, Radster was skilled enough to easily duke it out with Leo and stand up to him in a hand to hand battle.
  • Expert Spearman: Radster was extremely efficient with his spear to the point of being able to hold his own battling against Maya.


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  • Lobster Claw: Even without his weapons, Radster had a lobster claw which could block attacks and slash his enemies.
  • Spear: When confronting the Rangers on the planet where the Galactabeasts were being held, Radster carried a large spear.
  • Pistol: When he and Furio attacked Terra Venture, Radster had disgarded his spear and wielded a pistol for long range attacks which could shoot blue beams that were easily able to destroy buildings and even hold back the Lion Galactabeast's flame breath for a brief moment.
  • Growth Elixir: Radster used a special green elixir to grow giant.

Behind the Scenes



  • The Radster was supposed to invoke Elvis Presley and was physically a mixture of a scorpion and a lobster.


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  • Radster's boots were later recycled as a component for the Mut-Org Kired.
  • Radster is the first monster who was allowed to use a pistol with all other monsters either not being adapted (such as Bara Police or Ushioni whose costume only appeared in a cameo) or having only US footage used of them (Villamax from later in Lost Galaxy).


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