This article is about a/an vehicle/mecha in Gekisou Sentai Carranger.


Radiacar (ラジエッカー Rajiekkaa): Radietta Fanbelt/White Racer's buggy-like cat-motif vehicle.

RadiaCar Robo

After returning to Earth a second time it had the ability to change into RadiaCar Robo (ラジエッカーロボ Rajiekkā Robo). Its head somewhat resembles Hello Kitty, and various parts of the robot retain a car-like motif, with the dashboard and steering wheel displayed on the waist, while wheels axle details are visible on the limbs. At first it could only transform into human size then later grow into a larger form (similar to the transformation sequence of Ultraman). The Radiacar Robo can only retain this form for one minute.

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