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"Commander! Deploy The Racer Zord!"
―Devon calling for his Zord[src]

The Racer Zord is the Red Grid Battleforce Ranger's personal Zord in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Its finishing attack requires the use of Devon's unique blaster called the Cheetah Beast Blaster to activate.


The Racer Zord's default mode is its Remote Mode, a car-based form of the Zord. It displays no powers in this form other than speed.

Appearances: Beast Morphers S1 Episodes 2-22, S2 Episodes 1-4, 6-8, 21


Season 1

The Racer Zord was initially introduced to Devon alongside the Wheeler Zord and Chopper Zord whilst he, Zoey, and Ravi were being given a tour of Grid Battleforce. Later on, Devon deployed alongside Cruise to fight Cycledrone whilst Ravi was calming down after going berserk on Cycletron and Zoey was recovering from the injuries that he gave her. It was evenly matched but was taken out of commission when Cycledrone moved and exposed a billboard with a dog on it, paralyzing Devon and leaving the Racer Zord disabled. After the Chopper Zord kicked Cycledrone back into the city, it knocked over the Racer Zord which broke the paralysis, allowing the Racer Zord to finish the Gigadrone off with its Cheetah Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox's Revenge

Ravi later had trouble in battle against Needledrone and had most of its Morph-X sucked out so Devon left the battle against Roxy and appeared in his Racer Zord. It forced the Gigadrone to stop draining the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode by knocking it over and took over the battle from the Wheeler Zord as it was severely low on power. It slashed Needledrone in the leg with its Racer Slash and changed into Battle Mode before flying into the air and finishing the Gigadrone off with its Cheetah Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-End of the Road

Whilst Ravi and Zoey fought Shoveltron, Devon fought Tronics before being alerted to the imminent arrival of Shoveldrone so he and Cruise went into battle in the Racer Zord. Shoveldrone tried to attack a Morph-X Tower but the Rapid Blast wounded it and the Racer Zord changed into Battle Mode. It proved to be a perfect match for Shoveltron but the Gigadrone unleashed a swarm of missiles that the Racer Zord's own couldn't stop since they were having no effect on the Gigadrone. Devon had the idea to change the Racer Zord into its Cheetah Mode which was able to dodge the missiles and stun the Gigadrone with its Beast Bite before finishing it off with the Cheetah Strike. Ironically, both Shoveldrone and Shoveltron were killed at the same time, the latter being killed by Ravi and Zoey's Beast-X Blasters. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Digital Deception

Slicerdrone deployed in the city and began to cut open a Morph-X Tower using its saw arm. With Ravi and Zoey busy fighting Slicertron, Devon and Cruise once again appeared alone in the Racer Zord. It tried to stab the Gigadrone in its back but Slicerdrone spun around and blocked the Racer Sword with an energy shield and took out its systems with a missile barrage. The Racer Zord took too much time to reboot and the Gigadrone managed to cut through to the Morph-X and absorb some of it. Commander Shaw then ordered Jax and Smash to deploy in the Wheeler Zord and Chopper Zord but the Beast Beam and Rapid Blast had no effect on its shield and all three were then blasted by its missiles. The Zords were nearly destroyed but the Racer Zord rebooted and Devon had the idea to stab the Racer Sword into the shield and then force it through into the Gigadrone's head. It worked and Slicerdrone was disabled so they were able to transport it into a special hangar owned by General Burke. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Taking Care of Business

Using data extracted from Slicerdrone, Nate was able to create a new combination for the Racer, Chopper, and Wheeler Zords called the Beast-X Megazord. However, the combination left the Zords completely open to attack and a simulation proved this so he installed powerful shields in the Racer Zord to prevent this from occurring in the future.

After Roxy and Meltatron attacked the hangar to free Slicerdrone to prevent the Rangers getting any more data on it, Ravi used his super strength to hurl Devon through the closing doors. Needing to save his friends, Devon and Cruise met up and summoned the Racer Zord. It tried to force open the door by stabbing its sword in between the doors but Meltadrone arrived much to Devon's shock and overwhelmed him. Whilst Commander Shaw sent in Jax and Smash as support, Meltadrone destroyed the Racer Zord's sword with its acid spray. Deciding that this would be an ideal way to destroy the door, Devon had his Zord grab Meltadrone's acid extinguisher arm which melted the hangar doors. Ravi and Zoey escaped seconds before the hangar was destroyed by Slicerdrone's missiles and Smash and Jax scooped them up in their Zords with Zoey unleashing the Rapid Blast to knock back Meltadrone. Slicerdrone teamed up with Meltadrone and they fired a combination acid/missile attack but it had little effect on the Racer Zord and they deemed it to be the time to unleash the new Beast-X Megazord. Meltadrone and Slicerdrone tried to destroy the Zords mid-transformation but Devon put up the shields this time and the attacks failed until one missile was deflected back and stunned the Gigadrones. The Beast-X Megazord then obliterated the Gigadrones with its Beast-X Hyper Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Hangar Heist

All three Zords were deployed to fight against Raildrone and his Gigatronics with the Wheeler Zord changing into Gorilla Mode but all three Zords were overwhelmed by the combined strength of the Train Formation. To counter this, they formed the Beast-X Megazord which destroyed the Gigatronics with the Beast-X Blade Blast and killed Raildrone with the Hyper Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Friend Indeed

Whilst Nate and the newly created Steel took on Vacuutron, the others were forced to prevent Vacuudrone from draining clean a Morph-X Tower with its suctioning abilities. The Racer Zord was the first to arrive and knocked back the Gigadrone but it managed to latch its vacuum arm onto the Zord's hip and drain its Morph-X instead, the suction being too great to knock off the vacuum. Luckily, Zoey's Rapid Blast weakened it enough for the Racer Zord to knock it away and the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode's Rocket Storm clogged up its vacuum. The three Zords then formed the Beast-X Megazord which finished it off with the Hyper Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Cybergate Opens

A few days later, after a second failed attempt by Evox to enter Steel, Scrozzle sent Antennadrone which decimated an army of Tronics and the Rangers so Devon had to intercept it in his Racer Zord. Although it initially had the upper hand, Antennadrone deployed two Gigatronics which were too much for the Racer Zord alone. With Ravi and Zoey preoccupied fighting Antennatron, Nate and Steel deployed in the new Wrecker Zord and Jet Zord which drained the Gigatronics of their Morph-X and destroyed them. With the Gigatronics out of the picture, Devon summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster and destroyed Antennadrone with the Cheetah Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Silver Sacrifice

With Nate, Steel, and Ravi were busy fighting Roxy and Drilltron, the Racer and Chopper Zords were deployed in the city after a Gigadrone was picked up by the Gigadrone Detectors. They initially couldn't find it but a barrage of lasers told them that it was underground, meaning that all attacks bar the Hyper Strike would be useless so had to wait and take the punishment until Ravi killed Drilltron. Once he did, he deployed in the Wheeler Zord and they formed the Beast-X Megazord which was able to capture Drilldrone and obliterate it with the Hyper Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Thrills and Drills

After the death of Tooltron, the Gigadrone Detectors discovered the imminent arrival of Tooldrone so every single Zord was deployed into battle. They combined into the Beast-X Megazord but the Gigadrone deployed a Delta Model Gigadrone which overwhelmed the Megazord until the Jet and Wrecker Zords combined into the Striker Megazord. They pushed the two Gigadrones into one another and finished them off with the Beast-X Hyper Kick and Striker Hyper Blast. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tools of the Betrayed

The Racer Zord deployed alone against Clonedrone where it sent its sword rocketing forward into the Gigadrone, destroying the sword but sending the Gigadrone flying. It bombarded the Racer Zord with lasers so Devon summoned another Racer Sword and overwhelmed Clonedrone until it transformed into an identical copy of the Racer Zord and they were evenly matched. Once Ravi and Zoey had killed Clonetron, they arrived in their Zords but were confused as to which Zord to attack and both waved when asked so it was useless. With their choices limited, Zoey unleashed the Rapid Blast on both, revealing the fake. They then combined their Zords into the Beast-X Megazord which destroyed Clonedrone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Real Steel

Immediately after destroying Tubatron, Tubadrone was deployed so the three main Zords were deployed against it. The Wheeler Zord received a transmission from Nate and Steel at Grid Battleforce HQ who sent a signal containing an identical sound pattern to Tubadrone's. The reason for this was because it was based upon the data of Tubatron who was created from Joey's tuba in which the signal came from. Once the Wheeler Zord cancelled out the Gigadrone's sonic attack, the Chopper Zord stopped it with its Rapid Blast and the Racer Zord cleaved apart its horn with its sword, rendering the Gigadrone helpless. They then formed the Beast-X Megazord which finished off Tubadrone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tuba Triumph

Whilst Ravi and Zoey had their weapons repaired by Nate, Devon was assigned to stop Tubadrone 2.0 from stealing Morph-X. It arrived just as Tubadrone 2.0 did and managed to hit it the instant that it landed and got a few lucky hits in. The Gigadrone then turned and tried to blast the nearby Morph-X Tower but the Racer Zord blocked it which sent its sword flying from its hand but did no other damage. Glad to see that it wasn't powered up like Tubatron 2.0 was, Devon summoned another sword and called for his Cheetah Beast Blaster. Tubadrone 2.0 fired its sonic blast but the Racer Zord powered through with the help of its boosters and obliterated the Gigadrone with its Cheetah Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sound and Fury

Whilst Ravi fought Roxy and the others battled Burnertron, Devon deployed against Burnerdrone who had been sent to take Morph-X. It tried to advance on the Tower but the Racer Zord's Rapid Blast stunned it so it deployed Gigatronics which fired on the Racer Zord but it was unfazed and destroyed them with the Cheetah Mode's eye beams. However, whilst it was doing this, Burnerdrone melted open the Tower although the Racer Zord Battle Mode prevented it from stealing the Morph-X. Before it could finish off the Gigadrone, the Striker Megazord arrived and Devon let it finish off Burnerdrone with the Striker Hyper Blast. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Seeing Red

Whilst Smash recovered from the beating that he received from Turbotron, Devon deployed after the Gigadrone Detectors found a Gigadrone en route. It arrived at the Morph-X Tower and found nothing but soon saw Turbodrone flying overhead and was blasted to the ground which also split open the tower and let the Gigadrone absorb Morph-X through its chest-mounted fan. When an aerial attack by the Chopper Zord failed, due to Turbodrone blowing it away, the Racer Zord tried to jump up at it but undershot. Luckily, Smash was repaired and the Wheeler Zord arrived and changed into Gorilla Mode which punted the Racer Zord high enough into the air that it was able to destroy Turbodrone with the Cheetah Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Gorilla Art

With Shockadrone thrashing the Wrecker Zord Battle Mode and Jet Zord, Devon let Ravi and Zoey fight Shockatron on their own and deployed in his Racer Zord which intercepted a strong strike and pushed back the Gigadrone. They then tag-teamed Shockadrone with the Jet Zord playing air support which allowed them to overwhelm it and deal a knockout blow with the Crane Crash. Now stunned, the Racer Zord jumped onto the Jet Zord and finished off the Gigadrone with a supersonic version of its Cheetah Strike. However, its goal was ultimately to distract them from Vargoyle's mission to put Memory Pulsators on towers to erase their memories of being Rangers which succeeded. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ranger Reveal

After Vargoyle's death, an Unidentified Gigadrone arrived in the city. With Nate repairing Steel after he was fried by the Memory Pulsators, the others deployed in their Zords and merged into the Beast-X Megazord which resisted the Gigadrone's cannon blasts and took it out with the Hyper Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rewriting History

In order to lure the Rangers away from the van full of Mega Transporters, Blaze ordered the creation of another unnamed Gigadrone which prompted the deployment of the Striker Megazord, Chopper Zord, and Racer Zord with Roxy ambushing Ravi who he wanted to kill since she had sabotaged the real Roxy's life pod and thus her destruction was the only way for her to survive. The Chopper Zord unleashed its Rapid Blast and the Zords fought it but the Gigadrone shrugged off the attacks and easily beat back the Striker Megazord. Eventually though, the Striker Megazord managed to grab its arm and let the Racer Zord destroy it with its new Cheetah Hyper Strike. However, in spite of its destruction and Roxy's death, Blaze was able to steal the van full of Transporters and used them to steal away an entire Morph-X Tower to the Cyber Dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Target Tower

The Racer Zord Battle Mode combined with the components of both the Striker Megazord and Beast-X Megazord to form the Beast-X Ultrazord to use in order to invade the Cyber Dimension. It was, however, also the only Zord to survive Evox destroying the Ultrazord in his new physical form.

Realizing that the only way to stop Evox from teleporting to Earth was to destroy the Morph-X Tower, Devon drove down into said Tower but was intercepted by Blaze in a special Gigadrone which resulted in a massive duel where they were evenly matched. Eventually though, the Zords decided to finish the battle with Blaze's Zord unleashing a hail of lasers but the Racer Zord deflected them. Summoning his Cheetah Beast Blaster, Devon activated the Cheetah Hyper Strike finisher which destroyed both Blaze, his Megazord, and the Morph-X Tower. It managed to drive away up the exploding Morph-X Tower and make it back to Earth as Evox was seemingly obliterated by a wave of Morph X energy. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Upgraded

In spite of Evox's "demise", Scrozzle had escaped before the Cyber Dimension's annihilation and deployed both Spiketron and Spikedrone against the Rangers. With the others fighting, Devon and Zoey deployed alone in their Zords and tried to take out Spikedrone with a combination of the Cheetah Strike and Rapid Blast but it withstood them and produced yet another Delta Model which heavily shook up the Zords. Ravi quickly arrived in the Wheeler Zord and they formed the Beast-X Megazord but it was low on fuel and torn apart by a barrage of Spikedrone's missiles and the Delta Model's eye lasers. Before the Racer Zord could recover, the Delta Model shot with a barrage of energy needles which took it out of the fight but the Wheeler Zord eventually destroyed Spikedrone with the aid of the Wrecker Zord and the Wrecker and Jet Zords finished off the Delta Model. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Hypnotic Halloween

At Christmas time, Scrozzle arrived as the personal pilot of Infernodrone to steal Morph-X and get revenge for the destruction of the Cyber Dimension. With four of the Rangers trapped in bourballs by an earlier attack from Scrozz, and Steel trying to free them, the Beast Bots were forced to pilot the Zords themselves. Whilst the Chopper and Wheeler Zords evacuated the civilians, the Racer Zord changed into Cheetah Mode and mauled the Gigadrone before it deployed Gigatronics which the Cheetah Mode easily destroyed. It then changed into Battle Mode, summoned the Racer Sword, and dove through Infernodrone's fire wave to deliver the Cheetah Strike which both destroyed the Gigadrone and seemingly killed Scrozzle. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Scrozzle's Revenge

After this, the Racer Zord went into storage for at least three months due to the assumed elimination of Evox's forces.

Season 2

With Zoey and Steel busy fighting Drilltron 2.0, the Racer Zord, Wrecker Zord, and Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode deployed to the giant hole where it went. They decided to send the Racer Zord down the hole on the Wrecker Zord's crane arm but two Gigatronics went above ground to attack the others with Ravi having to defend Nate who couldn't defend himself with his crane arm out of commission. The Racer Zord eventually reached the bottom and Devon was amazed by the amount of Morph-X but was attacked by Drilldrone 2.0 who then deployed Gigatronics which devastated the Racer Zord. This pounding continued until Devon had the idea to hook up Drilldrone 2.0 with the Wrecker Zord's crane arm, taking it out of the fight and leaving just the Gigatronics. Shortly after the Wrecker Zord destroyed the original two Gigatronics with its Rocket Storm, the Racer Zord destroyed the other two with the Cheetah Strike and was rescued off-screen after the Wrecker Zord Battle Mode finished off the Gigadrone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Believe It or Not

The Racer Zord was seen as part of the Beast-X Ultrazord when it deployed to fight Trapperdrone Tvicon.png TV STORY-Save Our Shores, Gamerdrone Tvicon.png TV STORY-Game On! and Keydrone Tvicon.png TV STORY-Artist Anonymous

After Devon destroyed Controlatron with Nate's help, he deployed in the Racer Zord and combined with Ravi and Zoey to form the Beast-X Megazord which, with the aid of the Striker Megazord, destroyed Controladrone and Digidrone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Blame Game

As a result of Controlatron's scheme, Evox was able to design a virus to control his secret project, the Beast-X King Zord which Blaze and Roxy succeeded in infecting. With the other Rangers designing an anti-virus, Devon deployed in the Racer Zord which the Beast-X King Zord blasted with fireballs but failed to stop Devon's Zord. While he fended off the machine with Cheetah Mode, Nate began looking for a solution. The Zord proved too much for even the Racer Zord in Battle Mode, proving way too powerful for it because Nate refused to even listen to Megan, still angry over their last encounter. The Racer Zord eventually managed to hold the Beast-X King Zord in place long enough for Nate to upload an anti-virus into it but this instead changed it into its more powerful Battle Mode. The new "Megazord" easily overwhelmed the Racer Zord and Nate was helpless until he listened to Megan and accepted her program. The Racer Zord disabled the Beast-X King Zord Battle Mode by punching it in the head and the Beast-X King Bolt's Ultra Bolt uploaded the program and freed the Zord.

However, Blaze deployed in a newly rebuilt version of his Megazord with the Racer Zord mounting the Beast-X King Zord in vehicle mode which resisted the Evil Zord's firepower and smashed into him hard enough to take him down. However, he wasn't finished but the Racer Zord was out of Morph-X so Devon moved into the Beast-X King Zord and destroyed the Zord and its pilot with its Battle Mode. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beast King Rampage

After Ravi defeated Dumbbelltron, Devon received word of a new Gigadrone on its way to Riptide Stadium so he intercepted it with the Racer Zord and Cruise. Both were evenly matched but were suddenly teleported into a stadium with a funky sports announcer who forced the two to battle. Although Alphadrone initially had the upper hand, the Racer Zord took it out with a clothesline attack.

However, the announcer then introduced Betadrone and Gammadrone in a tag team which decimated the Racer Zord whilst Deltadrone arrived outside to be teleported inside. Whilst the other Rangers tried and failed to make entry on it, the Racer Zord was grabbed and held by Betadrone whilst Gammadrone tried to destroy it with a jump kick. However, the Racer Zord broke free and the kick destroyed Betadrone instead. In spite of this, the victory was short lived as Deltadrone was teleported in and they wiped the floor with the Racer Zord.

Luckily, before they could destroy Devon, the full Zord fleet deployed and they formed the Beast-X King Ultrazord which forced apart the building, ejecting Deltadrone, Gammadrone, the Racer Zord, and a gigantic Robotron. When the Robotron, Boxertron, swore revenge for destroying his dome, Devon realised that the Robotron himself was both the arena and the announcer. The Beast-X Ultrazord destroyed his Gigadrones and took down Boxertron by shrugging off his jump kick, Devon took him down with a devastating tackle before the Beast-X Ultra Strike finished him off. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Boxed In (Beast Morphers)

Whilst the other Rangers battle Tiaratron, Devon in his Racer Zord went after Tiaradrone with added firepower provided by the Beast-X King Zord vehicle mode. The Gigadrone deployed a bunch of Tiara Drones but they were all destroyed when the Racer Zord equipped the Zord's blaster. The Zords evaded several energy blasts from Tiaradrone so it tried a head-on attack but Devon used the King Combo strike to quickly finish it off mid-charge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Secret Struggle

The Racer Zord was seen as part of the Ultrazord when it deployed to fight Ryjack who it soon killed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Greater Good

Amidst a battle between the revived Sledge, Snide, Sledge's Crew, the Dino Charge Rangers, and the Beast Morphers Rangers, Scrozzle decided to exploit this by sending a fourth unnamed Gigadrone to try and steal Morph-X from a Morph-X by ripping the top open with its magnetic powers. The Wrecker Zord, Jet Zord, and Beast-X Megazord deployed against it and the Bazooka Blast and Hyper Strike finishing it off. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Finders Keepers

Whilst the Jet Zord was fighting Clawdrone, Devon deployed in his Racer Zord mounted on the Beast-X King Zord in vehicle mode. The Gigadrone tried to obliterate it with an energy blast from its eye but the Zords were undamaged and a Proton Blast severely shook it up which allowed the Jet Zord and Wrecker Zord were able to destroy it with the Jet Zord Collider Crash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Golden Opportunity

After Blaze escaped with a lot of Morph-X, the Rangers were alerted to the imminent arrival of Antennadrone 2.0 so the Zords were summoned with the Racer Zord mounting the Beast-X King Zord vehicle Mode (piloted by Steel in Nate's body due to an earlier accident) as the Gigadrone arrived. It opened fire but neither Zord was fazed and the Racer Zord dismounted as the Beast-X King Zord changed into Battle Mode. They took on Antennadrone 2.0 but were overwhelmed so the Beast-X King Zord combined with the Chopper and Wheeler Zords to form the Beast-X King Megazord. The Gigadrone opened fire on them but the Racer Zord blocked the blasts with it's sword and then began wrestling over Antennadrone 2.0's riffle which ended with Devon's Zord being shot in the chest at point blank range. Having had enough, Devon summoned the Cheetah Beast Blaster and hit Antennadrone 2.0 with the Cheetah Hyper Strike, not destroying it but weakening it enough for the Beast-X King Megazord to finish it off. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Silva Switch


Linked Mode

The Racer Zord Linked Mode is a mode with Cruise linked to the front of the Zord. It requires no typing on the keypad to form and becomes this form automatically when Devon enters it with Cruise.

Its most common attack is the Rapid Blast, an attack where it projects its doors outwards to reveal laser cannons which can fire quick bursts of red energy at the Gigadrone. In the episode "End of the Road", a single barrage was powerful enough to wipe out Needledrone and tear its needle from the Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode. Another attack it uses is the Racer Slash where it retracts the blade on top of its trunk and strikes hard enough to injure Needledrone.

It can also drive up virtually vertical walls as shown in the episode "Evox Upgraded" when it fled from the chain of explosions caused by Blaze's Megazord being destroyed.

Appearances: BM S1 Episodes 2-6, 9, 14-17, 20, BM S2 Episode 7

Cheetah Mode

The Racer Zord Cheetah Mode is the Racer Zord's animal-based mode that is formed by typing 'RZC' into the keypad. The Zord is the most agile of the forms, able to dodge Shoveldrone's missiles easily. Its main attack in this form is the Beast Bite where it bites down on the Gigadrone/Gigatronics' head.

Appearances: Beast Morphers S1 Episodes 4, 15, 22, S2 Episode 7

Battle Mode

The Racer Zord Battle Mode is a Megazord-like form of the Racer Zord that is formed by typing 'RZB' into the keypad. It is also Devon's personal Megazord. The most powerful of the original three Zords, the Battle Mode uses its sword to slash and stab the Gigadrones.

Its finisher is the Cheetah Strike where Devon would call upon his Cheetah Beast Blaster and fire it. Once that happens, the Racer Zord would charge up its saber with green pixelated energy and then slash the Gigadrone with enough force to destroy it.

A more powerful version of the normal finisher is the Cheetah Hyper Strike, which involves charging its saber up with green energy and unleashing three energy slashes of the same color from it to destroy the Gigadrone. It was only used three times in the series, once on the 2nd Unidentified Gigadrone, once on Blaze's Megazord in the Season 1 finale and one last time against Antennadrone 2.0 (with the final use not even destroying it)

Appearances: BM S1, Episodes 2-22, BM S2 Episodes 1, 6-8, 12, 14, 16-18, 21(since it takes place between episodes 7 and 8)



A list of combinations that include the Racer Zord:


  • The Racer Zord is the only Beast-X Zord that has four interchangeable modes; namely Remote Mode, Cheetah Mode, Battle Mode, and Megazord Mode.
  • The Racer Zord was shown to have survived after the Beast-X Ultrazord was destroyed by Evox.


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