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Racer Bōma (レーサーボーマ Rēsā Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Boma Doctor Lehda

Character History

Racer Boma was released by from a painting with the Boma Beast within it riding a chariot in order for Lehda to go through with a plot for eliminating both Riki and Yamimaru simultaneously as Red Turbo tries to restrain the Wandering Boma's tendency to ride in the way of other bikers intentionally. During a race between the Turboranger and the Boma male, Racer Boma puts up shields that block the two leading to them to become trapped within Lehda's prison and brutally attacked inside. Later, Riki challenges Racer Boma to a race after the team finally deals with Nagareboshi's actions, with the duo going at it with each other in buggies until Red Turbo slashes him with a buggy-powered GT Crash. Racer Boma is soon destroyed by the V-Turbo Bazooka, then by the Kousokuken's Turbo Crash once grown by Lehda.


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His main ability is to create shields that block an opponent's path, particularly when racing against them. He also has a staff that can act as a flamethrower and a considerable skill at driving vehicles.

Behind the Scenes


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