This article is about a/an Dark Headder in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

Character History

The four-headed Ro-O-Zo-Ri is created by Brajira with the ability to turn into a left hand drill gauntlet, his main head named Ro, his right head named O, his left head named Za, and his blue-eyed head named Ri. In battle, he can shoot his drill arm blades and shoot green beams from his eyes. Enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Ro-O-Zo-Ri is later destroyed by the combination of Datas Hyper and Gosei Ultimate and allows himself to become the Sky Wedge in the Nega End ceremony.


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Behind the Scenes

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  • He is named after The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. (do Obu za Ringu)
  • He is modeled after the Lernaean Hydra, Pan (the Greek God of the Wild who is a satyr), and a drill.

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