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"You'll help me, right? Because in return I'll grant your wish."
―Quotain Dagonel's first words to Hikaru.[src]

―Quotain Dagonel after his deletion was approved and his final words before his deletion.[src]
Quotaian Dagonel (クウォータ星人ダゴネール Quota Seijin Dagonēru):


A 10,708-year old Alienizer from planet Quota, however he acts just like a child. His crime is turning people into dolls. Manipulated a lonely little boy with the power to teleport objects into helping him. He piloted the Heavy Industrial Machine Enbance. Deleted by Dekaranger Robo's Justice Flasher.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • His home planet is an anagram of "Otaku".
  • His name is based on Tada wo koneru (駄々をこねる literally "Act like a child" or "Being Unreasonable")



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