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Quester Robo Elite (Commander) (クエスターロボ 将/エリート, Kuesutā Robo Erīto, 28): A Quester Robo designed for quick enhancing through weapons or armor. It was designed specifically for it to use the Precious "The Legendary Armor". In the first battle with this Robo, not even Ultimate DaiBouken could oppose resistance to its twin arm cannons and 6-missile launcher, but it was forced to pull out when it started to overheat. It got stronger when finally it could wear "The Legendary Armor" and was impervious to any attack, and gained a pair of swords which it used in place of its normal weapons (which were blocked by the armor). However, Masumi Inou suggested to keep on fighting and cause the robot to overheat itself. They finally succeed in taking back the armor and destroy it with a combination attack.


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