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"Darling, cool down. Your oil's boiling."
―Queen Machina, calming King Mondo down[src]

"Who are you?"
―Queen Machina[src]

Queen Machina, also known as the Machine Queen, was King Mondo's wife and Queen of the Machine Empire. She was also the mother of Prince Sprocket and Prince Gasket. She usually carried a metal collapsible green fan with her. She loved her husband and sons dearly as she showed great worry about King Mondo using the Sword of Damocles once more.


Power Rangers Zeo

Queen Machina and Sprocket on the moon.

When the Machine Empire drove Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd off the moon, Machina indicated that they still needed to capture their two former allies, though they ultimately failed. Machina and Mondo would spend the next few months trying to defeat the Zeo Rangers, but their plans were constantly thwarted. Machina frequently fretted over the destruction of many of the monsters that her husband sent down, such as Somnibot and Staroid, viewing them as her sons and daughters (and thus, Sprocket's brothers and sisters). When Mondo decided to unearth the ancient Sword of Damocles and personally face the rangers, Machina expressed concern, fearing the consequences of Mondo's defeat. She and Sprocket watched as Mondo was struck down by the Super Zeo Megazord, but the Queen expressed confidence Mondo would be rebuilt. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mondo's Last Stand

Queen Machina scheming against the Rangers.

When Louie Kaboom usurped the Machine Empire, he tried to woo her to become his Empress, in which she outright refused due to her loyalty to Mondo. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Bomber in the Summer As a result, Kaboom threw her and Sprocket in jail. When Prince Gasket appeared, Machina was delighted to see him and her daughter-in-law, Archerina. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Joke's on Blue Unlike her husband, she expressed pride in Gasket's efforts, to deal with the Power Rangers, much to Sprocket's displeasure. This didn't seem to mean much, in the long run, however, as she instantly took to her husband's side, when he returned, causing Gasket and Archerina to flee soon afterwards. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Hawaii Zeo Ultimately, this showed that she had more loyalty to Mondo.

Queen Machina, along with the rest of the Royal House, was blown up by Rita and Zedd at the end of the series, thanks to a bomb disguised as a present. Her, her husband, Sprocket and Klank & Orbus we’re all blown up, however Mondo and Sprocket’s heads which were still functioning, and Queen Machina’s head was connected to her neck and shoulders still but the rest of her body was destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Good as Gold

Power Rangers in Space

Queen Machina spots an intruder.

However, she was rebuilt later on, possibly by the Machine Empire's root organization, the United Alliance of Evil. At Dark Specter's conference, she, Divatox, and Astronema pointed out the Red Space Ranger (Andros), who concealed himself in a robe and spied on them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-From Out of Nowhere By the end of the season, after the Machine Empire forces played their part in Dark Specter's plans by attacking the Phantom Ranger's homeworld, Queen Machina was once more destroyed again by Zordon's energy wave, this time permanently. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Video Game Appearances

  • Queen Machina appears in the cutscenes of the Power Rangers Zeo vs The Machine Empire video game. Unlike her TV counterpart, Machina is domineering towards her husband, threatening to send him to the "scrap heap" if he talks back to her or fails to finish off the Power Rangers. She was voiced by Jessamy Thomison.
  • Queen Machina appears in Power Rangers Zeo: Full Tilt Battle Pinball. She briefly appears in the opening cinematic, and can also be found on the first stage, New York City, replacing the Statue of Liberty.


Queen Machina is a sarcastic and snooty queen who cares only about the well-being of her family, dismissing anyone who isn't her husband or her sons. She supports King Mondo in his endeavors to rule the world, though she doesn't seem to have much motivation of her own beyond her support.

However, after her husband's destruction, Queen Machina briefly plotted against the Power Rangers herself, severing Tommy Oliver's and Tanya Sloan's connections with their Zords with a magical spell that forced them to sing.


Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: Queen Machina possesses an unspecified degree of magical knowledge, as seen when she uses a spell to force Tommy Oliver and Tanya Sloan to sing every word they speak so that they would not be able to properly pilot their Zords.
  • Teleportation: Queen Machina can teleport to any location at will.
  • Longevity: Queen Machina has been alive for 1,000 years.


  • Reconstruction: Being a machine, Queen Machina is able to be rebuilt from any fatal injuries.


Queen Machina has no known weaknesses.


  • Machine Tessen: Queen Machina's signature item is a tessen, also known as a Japanese war fan. Despite a tessen being a weapon, Machina never uses it as such. Rather, she uses the tessen to fan herself.

Behind the Scenes


  • During Zeo, Queen Machina was voiced by Alex Borstein. However, in the premiere of In Space, she was voiced by Brianne Siddall (whose role was uncredited). The voice Alex Borstein uses for Queen Machina is very similar to the one she uses for Barbara "Babs" Pewterschmidt on Family Guy.


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  • Her name is based on the word "machine".

Appearances in other media

  • Queen Machina appears in the first and only issue of the Power Rangers Zeo comic book by Image Comics.
  • Queen Machina appears as a playable character in Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Zeo: Stronger Than Before.


  • Unlike her Super Sentai counterpart, Empress Hysteria, Queen Machina seems to know some ideas of emotions and feelings, caring for both of her sons, her husband and, as aforementioned, the monsters. However, this does not stop her or her family from being killed by Zordon's Energy Wave.
  • Although she loves Prince Sprocket very much, she is shown to have some favoritism towards Prince Gasket, referring to Sprocket as the baby of the family.
  • Even though Queen Machina was the undisputed Queen of the Machine Empire, it seems she does not have the same political powers as her husband, King Mondo (the consorts of rulers generally don't, unless her husband or a law gives them to her)[1]. Louie Kaboom was able to usurp control of the Machine Empire from her with little to no difficulty, suggesting that Machina's position came from her role as Mondo's consort and not through her own authority.
  • Although the costume for the exclusive US scenes is relatively identical to the one used in the Sentai scenes, the US costume has much lighter colors than the original costume, even the monoculum, in addition to that on the forehead it looks like be somewhat rusty.


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