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Queen Mabayuine (マバユイネ王妃 Mabayuine Ōhi) is the late queen of the Crystalia Kingdom. She was the wife of King Oradin, the biological mother of Princess Mabushina, the adoptive mother of Takamichi Crystalia, and the sister-in-law of Galza.

Character History

Some time before the full invasion of Crystalia, King Oradin fought against a witch from the Yodon Army, named Numajo, who hit him with a curse that affected the Queen. The curse petrified her after she displayed the Yodonheim seal, and she crumbled to dust seven days later, leaving nothing but her headdress behind. Although it had yet to be proven, Takamichi Crystalia, the newly adopted prince of the empire, believed that, despite Oradin's death during the invasion of Yodonheim, the curse that killed the Queen was still active, and could still work on Mabushina. This sent him on the quest for the four Kanaema Stones to save his adoptive sister from the curse.

Mabushina brought the Queen's headdress with her when she fled to Earth, presumably as a memento of her late mother.

It was later discovered that Mabayuine had transferred her life force into the stone on headdress before succumbing to the curse. This allowed her to live on and speak through the stone.


  • King Oradin - Husband (originally deceased, later revived as Mashin Oradin)
  • Takamichi Crystalia - Adopted son
  • Princess Mabushina - Biological daughter
  • Galza - Brother-in-law

Powers and Abilities

  • Kiramentality channeling: Queen Mabayuine can channel the kiramentality of another through her own body, which focuses it into a concentrated beam that can break through objects it normally couldn't.
  • Lifeforce Transferral: The Queen was able to transfer her life force into the stone in her headdress.


  • Emotional sensitivity: The Queen is very delicate emotionally, and is often prone to fainting after one of her family members comes to harm. After she transferred her mind to her headdress, Mabayuine's stress could build to the point it could crack the stone on her headdress containing her consciousness.


  • Scepter: Mabayuine carried a scepter that she could fight with.



  • Her name is derived from the Japanese phrase mabayui (眩い), which means "dazzling" or "radiant".
  • Unlike her husband or her daughter, Mabayuine wore most of her hair up.
  • Her scepter is a recolored version of Duchess Org TsueTsue/Toxica's staff.


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