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"Excellent. But where is my magnificent palace? Ah. Impus."
―Queen Bansheera's first words after Diabolico informed her that they had been making preparations for her return.[src]

"I, Queen Bansheera, have returned!"
―Queen Bansheera revealing her return to a physical form (via a projection in the sky) during the battle against Spellbinder.[src]

"Vypra, you have failed me too many times! As punishment, I will take your life energy! I should have done this long ago."
―Queen Bansheera to Vypra before absorbing her.[src]

"The transformation is working! My bodily form is finally returning to me!"
―Queen Bansheera when assuming her true form.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! Welcome to my lair, Red Ranger. Yes, I've been wishing for this day."
―Queen Bansheera when Carter confronted her in the Skull Cavern's throne room.[src]

―Queen Bansheera after Carter revealed he shrugged off all her attacks after she asked how and her final words before her apparent demise.[src]

"I wouldn't bet on it. Ah ha ha ha ha ha! You only destroyed my Skull Cavern. So I'll just return the favor and destroy your city!"
―Queen Bansheera upon growing giant.[src]

―Queen Bansheera when Diabolico revealed his treachery due to her murder of Loki and her final words before her presumed death.[src]

Queen Bansheera was the evil matriarch of the Demons and the main antagonist of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Her ultimate goal was to destroy Mariner Bay to bring the Skull Cavern to the surface world and conquer humanity to rule over.



The Demons were said to have ruled the Earth some five thousand years ago. They formed a real danger to early humans as they conquered and destroyed everything in their path. Fortunately, a powerful wizard arose and manged seal all the Demons in a tomb where they remained imprisoned for thousands of years.

Lightspeed Rescue

At the beginning of the series, Queen Bansheera is released from captivity by some explorers but is not present yet mentioned by her followers, namely Diabolico, on multiple occasions. Her absence is never explained but she is unable to gain physical form due to needing an immense infusion of power. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Operation Lightspeed

When Bansheera finally makes her return at the Skull Cavern, she appears in her spiritual form and not in her body. She is disappointed by the fact that her domain, her “Magnificent Palace” is stuck in another dimension because the human race have built a city in its place that will eventually be called Mariner Bay. She is even more angered to learn that the city is under the protection of the latest generation of the Lightspeed Rangers and their Lightspeed Aquabase which is hidden underwater (the one element that demons are vulnerable to as it drains their power). This explains why her minions haven't rebuilt her palace for her return to power. Queen Bansheera quickly takes matters into her own hands by resurrecting two monsters: Magmavore and Trifire, as more powerful demons than before, in order to awaken a dormant volcano that can destroy Mariner Bay. Unfortunately for her, without her bodily form, her powers had quickly diminished and she declared that she must leave her minions in order to regain what strength she had. After parting from her minions and her son Impus, her plan to use the volcano against the Rangers and Mariner Bay had failed when the Rangers use the Supertrain Megazord to defeat Magmavore and Trifire as well as keep the volcano from fully erupting. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rising From Ashes

When Queen Bansheera returns to the Skull Cavern once again, she expresses her anger and frustration to her once great general Diabolico by protesting his inability to defeat mortal beings like the Power Rangers and threatens to have him replaced with Impus by granting the infant demon Diabolico's Star Power. Diabolico is far from willing to allow this to happen and is even willing to destroy the queen's son with no one present to witness his attempt to do so only to be interrupted by Jinxer. When Diabolico is destroyed by the Rangers, Queen Bansheera makes good on her word to bestow the energies of the Star Power to her son Impus, which transforms him into an adult now called Olympius. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Cobra Strikes

As the planets of the Solar System are on the verge of aligning, Queen Bansheera is granted the opportunity to regain her body through a ceremonial ritual performed by Spellbinder. After Spellbinder is defeated by the Rangers, and Ryan interrupts the ceremony by smashing the conduit the energy is being channeled through, Bansheera is trapped in a deformed and incomplete body. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Queen's Return

As revenge for trapping her in a pillar-like body, Queen Bansheera uses a meteor from space which will level Mariner Bay only for the new Omega Megazord to destroy it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Omega Project

Trakeena's Revenge

Queen Bansheera attempts to regain her full body with the use of human life-force, so she employs the powerful demon Triskull to make this possible. However, Triskull's true allegiance is with the evil galactic princess Trakeena who survived her battle against the Galaxy Rangers on Terra Venture but is badly scarred from the battle which forces her to conceal her injuries with a mask. Trakeena plans to use the human life-force to regain her father's powers and become a green insect again in order to get her revenge against the Galaxy Rangers and dominate the demon forces. Queen Bansheera eventually learns of Triskull's treachery and sends her son Olympius to deal with Triskull and Trakeena. However, Queen Bansheera is fearful that, if Trakeena manages to regain her insect form, then many of her minions including her son Olympius, will be outclassed by Trakeena. As a result, Olympius uses a poisoned dagger to contaminate the life energy feed between Trakeena and the captured human hosts for the life force, and in turn, transform her into a massive mindless abomination which is eventually destroyed by the combined team of the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Trakeena's Revenge

Queen Bansheera becomes increasingly more obsessed with rebuilding her palace. Furthermore, she places too much faith in her son Olympius with the task of defeating the Rangers. When she learns that Diabolico has been resurrected by Loki and Vypra, she forcibly withdraws her minions and even Freezard to welcome him back as extra help. Tvicon.png TV STORY-In the Freeze Zone

After Diabolico traps Olympius along with the Gatekeeper in the Shadow World, the three expect to face her wrath, but instead Queen Bansheera decides to disown Olympius and commends her remaining forces for their actions against her own son. Once again, she appoints Diabolico in charge of her operations. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sorcerer of the Sands (episode)

Queen Bansheera regains much of her energy in the process of restoring her body. When she needs energy from someone else to complete her transformation, she summons Vypra before her. Bansheera declares that she will take Vypra's life energy, citing the act as "punishment" for her many failures in the past. Queen Bansheera consumes Vypra and her energy and, at long last, regains her bodily form and by doing so, is driven to further insanity by her obsession to destroy the Lightspeed Rangers and rebuild her Palace. Bansheera deceives Loki into believing that he is her mightiest enforcer and motivates him to fighting a hopeless battle against the Rangers. She is overheard by Diabolico as Loki and the rest of her minions being only “expendable” for the bigger picture, that being restoring her throne. When Loki engages four of the Rangers in battle (with Carter not present at the time), Bansheera takes the opportunity to teleport all of them to the outside of her Skull Cavern. Bansheera forces Diabolico to use Loki's own bazooka against the Rangers in order to destroy them. Unfortunately, Loki is caught in the cross-fire as Bansheera uses her telekinesis on Diabolico to fire Loki's weapon and thus Loki is mortally wounded. Loki perishes after expressing confusion and sadness from being betrayed by his Queen and bids his friend Diabolico goodbye. Enraged by the death of both Vypra and Loki, Diabolico rebells against Queen Bansheera. Bansheera then uses Diabolico's own energies in an attempt to destroy the Rangers. However, Carter, who is not captured by Queen Bansheera during the struggle with Loki, confronts Bansheera at the Skull Cavern. From Diabolico's advice, Carter learns of Queen Bansheera's weakness: striking her where her heart should be. Queen Bansheera releases her hold on Diabolico and the Rangers, but is not finished as she briefly attacks Mariner Bay herself as a giant. The Rangers fight Queen Bansheera with the Lightspeed Megazord but she quickly escapes after being shot by its lasers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wrath of the Queen

Olympius, who has escaped from the Shadow World, returns to Queen Bansheera after defeating Diabolico and taking him prisoner. Queen Bansheera turns Diabolico into a slave to her will and uses him to combine forces with Olympius to attack the Rangers. Both demons are destroyed in battle, but Queen Bansheera resurrects them both as powerful but mindless Super Demons. Diabolico and Olympius succeed in destroying most of the Rangers' Megazords before finally meeting their end by the Lifeforce Megazord. When Queen Bansheera demands that Jinxer send another monster to defeat the Rangers, Jinxer reveals that he is out of monster cards. However, before she can kill him for his incompetence, he reveals that he did succeed in placing the final card containing an army of Batlings on the Lifeforce Megazord (not long after Diabolico and Olympius' defeat) to infiltrate the Aquabase. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rise of the Super Demons

The Batling card activates shortly thereafter and they are able to take control of the Lifeforce and Omega Megazords, allowing the Queen to begin a new ceremony that will free her demon subjects from the Shadow World to roam the Earth. Having underestimated the Rangers decisively, namely Carter, Bansheera is knocked over the tomb that acts as the entry to the Shadow World, holding onto Carter in the process who is also on the verge of falling among the endless waves of Demons that waited below. Queen Bansheera meets her demise however when the spirit of Diabolico assists the Rangers one last time by forcing her into the Shadow World. Whilst the Rangers seal off the tomb to the Shadow World, Queen Bansheera is attacked and presumably destroyed by her fellow Demons of the Shadow World as revenge for her disloyalty to them much to Diabolico's pleasure as he gleefully witnesses the fall of his former Queen due to him also succeeding in getting revenge of his own. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Fate of Lightspeed

Even if Bansheera remains alive in the Shadow World, she will never pose a threat to the Earth ever again.


Queen Bansheera was traitorous, sadistic, ruthless, cruel, remorseless, and insane. Nothing short of being obsessive, Bansheera would go to any lengths of returning to power and became notorious for sacrificing her minions to achieve her agenda. The first most significant realization of Bansheera's obsession is expressing how pleased she was that Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki had imprisoned her son Olympius in the Shadow World; seeing her own son as expendable just as her other minions, She also didn't show any concern for when Olympius is finally killed. She is also supremely arrogant, thinking that no one can stop her. After she had consumed Vypra's energy to obtain her full body, Bansheera became dangerously unstable with power. The Rangers and her demon minions were not safe from her madness. She is also shown to expect her forces to remain loyal no matter what. However, her treachery proved to be her undoing since in the final episode, when Diabolico's spirit returned one last time, she was expecting him to help her, despite the fact she made him kill his best friend.

Much to her credit, however, Bansheera did prove to be a loving mother when Olympius was still the infant Impus. In the episode "Go Volcanic", when she returned to the Skull Cavern after a long and unexplained absence, she expressed her joy in seeing Impus again. Also, considering that Impus had for some time been longing for his mother, this further proves that the Queen can at the very least, act like a good mother if she wants to. It is also shown that she can respect her allies when they do their missions right. She is also very wise, as in the final part of the two-part team up special episode "Trakeena's Revenge", she is fully aware that if Trakeena regains her lost powers and regains her green insect form, she will be strong enough to destroy her comrades, including her own son Olympius even when he had Diabolico's Star Power. Though given what she does to them in her final moments, these good qualities are likely due to pragmatism more than anything else.



Being the ruler of all demons, Queen Bansheera possessed immense supernatural powers and abilities that surpassed Diabolico, Loki, Vipra, Jinxer, and Olympius combined, making her the strongest and most powerful villain in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It should be noted that at one point in the episode "Wrath of the Queen", Queen Bansheera did engage the Rangers in battle against their Lightspeed Megazord; but she quickly withdrew from the battle after taking only a few blows from their Megazord. Given the anti-climatic scenario, it was unknown if she is truly capable of overwhelming the Zords herself.


When Queen Bansheera appeared for the first time, she took the form of a blue-white spirit-like vortex where only her face was shown. She had black eyes with no pupils and her mouth was nearly visible.

Powers and Abilities


  • Flight: Bansheera was able to fly effortlessly while in her spirit form.
  • Resurrection Empowerment: In the episode "Rising From Ashes", when she returned in her spiritual state, she was able to resurrect both Magmavore and Trifire as powerful enforcers.
  • The Star Power: Queen Bansheera had the ability to grant anyone its power as seen in the episode "The Cobra Strikes", it was awarded to her son Impus after Diabolico's first defeat by the Rangers.


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Grand witch grandiene2.jpg

Due to the ceremony being interrupted by the Lightspeed Rangers, Queen Bansheera's body gets mangled up in a cocoon-like shape with many tentacles and a large tentacle below it, but she gets more facial features on her face, which is similar to that of a demonic woman with light purple skin, red-orange tiger-like eyes, red lips, long elf-like ears, flowing orange hair, and a crown-like headwear with a dark green colored jewel in the middle.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Queen Bansheera could teleport to any location at will.
  • Tidal Wave: In the episode "The Queen's Return", Queen Bansheera was shown to have an ability to cause a massive tidal wave as an attempt to destroy Mariner Bay.
  • Lightning Bolt: In the episode "In the Freeze Zone", Queen Bansheera could cast a powerful white-purple colored lightning bolt.
  • Projection: Bansheera was able to make a projection of herself appear in the sky.
  • Tractor Beam: Bansheera could fire a pink-purple lightning-like tractor beam.
    • Life Energy Absorption: Though her tractor beam, Queen Bansheera could absorb other people's life energy as seen when she used it on Vypra.
      • Transformation: After absorbing a sufficient amount of life energy, Bansheera could transform into her ultimate form at will.


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Grand witch grandiene.jpg

After absorbing Vypra, Queen Bansheera gained a new form that resembles an angel-like creature with a more vampire-like head with sharp teeth, yellow tiger-like eyes, three red jewel-like pieces on her forehead, orange hair, large bat-like wings behind her head, huge rocky shoulder pads with black upper arms and large clawed hands, a black demon-like face on her stomach area, a skirt-like appendage with the faces of Fireor, Aquafiend, Arachnor, and two unused Gogo monsters: Zombeast and Godai attached on it, black demon-like legs with armored gauntlets around them, and clawed feet.

Powers and Abilities


  • Self Growth: Queen Bansheera could become giant-sized at will. How she did this is unclear as she did this off-screen.
    • Shrinking: Queen Bansheera was able to return to human size at will as well.
  • Teleportation: Queen Bansheera could teleport to any location at will.
    • Teleport Cast: Queen Bansheera could cast a spell to teleport other beings to her at will.
  • Sonic Scream: Being banshee-based, Queen Bansheera could generate a powerful sonic scream.
  • Telepathic Communication: Queen Bansheera could focus her mind onto her minions to talk with them.
  • Telekinesis: Queen Bansheera could move an object and/or person with her mind.
  • Power Removal: Queen Bansheera could fire a red energy beam that can take powers away from other people but where she fired it is unknown.
  • Flame Aura: Queen Bansheera could cause a streak of flames to go around her enemies.
  • Lightning Blast: Queen Bansheera could cast powerful green or purple lightning blasts at her enemies.
  • Wind Gust: Queen Bansheera could blow a strong gust of wind from her hands.
  • Electrocution Touch: Queen Bansheera could electrocute anyone with purple electricity on contact.
  • Tractor Beam: Queen Bansheera retained her ability to fire a pink-purple lightning-like tractor beam like she did in her deformed and mangled body but it was fired from her hands and could grab other beings.
    • Lightning Beam Formation: Queen Bansheera's tractor beam could also be used to do physical harm to the enemy, making it similar to the lightning bolt from her first form.
  • Darkness: Bansheera had the ability to make the sky turn dark.
  • Quenching: Bansheera's presence caused the fire in the torches of the demons' tombs to go out when she confronted Ryan during the episode "The Fate of Lightspeed Part 1".
  • Levitation: Bansheera could hover in the air unassisted, allowing her to seamlessly float in the air.
  • Invisible Force: Queen Bansheera could fire an invisible force from her hands.
  • Energy Lasers: Queen Bansheera could fire powerful red colored energy lasers from her hands as well. They were strong enough to cast Carter and Ryan out of the Skull Cavern and knock the Red Ranger's helmet off of him with just one blast each.


  • Durability: Queen Bansheera shrugged off a blast from Carter's Rescue Blaster and withstood punches from the Lightspeed Megazord's Ladder Arms.


  • Vulnerable Heart: Queen Bansheera's powers can be negated if she is struck in the area where her heart would naturally be.


  • Demon Claws: Queen Bansheera possesses large clawed hands for combat.
    • Tentacle Fingers: Queen Bansheera could stretch and turn her fingers into rope-like tentacles to wrap her enemies with.
      • Hypnosis: Queen Bansheera could use her tentacle fingers to hypnotize other beings.
      • Hyper Empowerment: Arguably Queen Bansheera's most significant display of power as shown in the penultimate episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue "Rise of the Super Demons" where she turned her clawed fingers into rope-like tentacles to stab where her minions exploded, hyper-enhancing them and turning them into powerful Super Demons.

Behind The Scenes



  • Queen Bansheera was based upon a banshee in all of her forms.


  • Queen Bansheera's name was a pun on banshee to match her design.


  • Queen Bansheera was the last female main antagonist in the series until Madame Odius eighteen years later in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, although there were others with a lower rank than the boss.
  • Queen Bansheera was originally killed by the Lightspeed Solarzord in the episode “Wrath of the Queen” but possessed and empowered her minions only to die with them in the equivalent of “Rise of the Super Demons” (which was GoGoV’s finale) only to be killed with them.
    • This was changed for Power Rangers because her death was a massive anti-climax since she was killed very indirectly.
  • Much like her Super Sentai counterpart, it's unknown what Queen Bansheera looked like before her body got mangled up from returning to Earth.
  • Queen Bansheera was the only villain in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue to be defeated by one of her own comrades since Diabolico delivered the final blow and sent her into the Shadow World.
  • Queen Bansheera was the first main villain to be imprisoned instead of destroyed. The others were Emperor Gruumm, Broodwing, Mora, the A-Squad Rangers, Octoroo, and Scrozzle.
  • Bansheera's fate was similar to Daimaou from Kakuranger in that both of them were sealed, not destroyed.


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